Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you're out with your family or mom or simply enjoying the day. We're heading up to my parents' shortly for a BBQ with the fam. The weather has been pretty warm so we're definitely taking advantage of it!

I just wanted to pop in and share a few pics from my very first big time race adventure that my mom joined me on back in 2006 - The Nashville Country Music 1/2 Marathon. 

First of all, we both look quite a bit younger (I was fresh out of college) and secondly, this was my mom's first time on a plane since she was a young girl. 

When I see this photo, I understand what people say when they mention we look alike...

Hangin' with the gorilla at Rainforest Cafe

It was my first half marathon and I finished in 1:53:11! My mom and I fell completely in love with Nashville, being country girls at heart. I'm so glad my mom was there at the start of this crazy running adventure and the start of an addiction. 

Have a great rest of your Sunday!


What a fun trip! And a great first 1/2 marathon finish for you! You two do look so much alike!

I was obviously not able to celebrate with my mom today but we caught up on the phone which was nice. I'm looking forward to seeing her in 3 weeks when I am home for the CFA!
Elizabeth said…
Very cool! Hope it was a great day together and I agree, you are definitely your mother's daughter ;) Nashville would be a dream to visit!

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