Eating When Hungry

As you may recall, I signed up for Tina's Best Body Bootcamp again this round. Somehow, we're already on week five! It has been a great way for me to mix up my strength routines. I have the cardio thing pretty much covered between running and cycling, but I like to mix it up a lot in the weight arena.

It's always fun to open the workout on a Mon/Wed/Fri morning to see what kind of exercises we're going to do. What's nice about the eight week long bootcamp, is that every two weeks the workouts change so you don't get bored and your muscles continue to be challenged.

This Friday's workout includes a fun exercise that I tried for the first time last Friday - push ups with froggers! Go ahead, try them. I couldn't do them as fast as the girl in the video for 45 sec straight, but I could tell they were workin'!

In addition to bootcamp, I decided that for the month of May, I'm really going to focus on eating when I'm hungry. This may sound like a no brainer, but after several cycles of marathon training, my eating habits are on autopilot - breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, craving sugar, sometimes munching while making dinner, dinner, craving dessert.

This type of eating was perfectly acceptable when I was running 40+ miles a week plus cross training, but it's simply not needed with my current training. I do think it's important to listen to your body and know what it's asking for (i.e. Some days I'm really craving meat or bagels. I usually take that as a sign that my body is asking for more protein or carbohydrates). Of course, if I'm craving ice cream every night, that's not always a legit need my body has. 

Interesting Observations
What I've noticed the last few days is that at work, I often want a morning snack, but don't necessarily need it. Instead, I'm trying to keep my water glass full or grab another cup of tea. And of course, if I'm hungry, I'll eat! Another thing - if I come home hangry after a workout, it's likely I'll eat a big snack because I need food ASAP and then not need as much dinner.

For whatever reason, I'm lacking all desire to be creative in the kitchen so we're eating a lot of the same. Spaghetti with veg, rice and bean bowls, burritos, blah. Lately, I've been wanting to make homemade pad Thai so I really should get to the store and pick up the ingredients. I'd also like to incorporate a little more fish into our diet.

UP: We finally ordered our wedding invitations!
Down: Now for the whole addressing thing... Excuse me while I practice my calligraphy skills.

Currently reading: Wild, Tearing through it. Can't believe I waited so long to start it. And yes, now I want to go hike the Pacific Crest Trail, maybe for just a few days. 

I'm in search of some new summer sandals. Do you have a pair you're eyeing? Your random thought of the day? Mine is that I'm in need of a pedicure in a bad way. 


missris said…
Random thought of the day: we just ordered our save-the-dates and I'm pretty sure it's going to take me a month to address all of them. Yikes.
Tasha Malcolm said…
Congrats on getting the wedding invitations ordered! I think that was my toughest decision to make. :-)
Raquelita said…
Hooray for the wedding invitations! I am definitely in need of a pedicure. I'm planning on going and getting one with a couple of friends early next week.

I find it really challenging to only eat when hungry (thus the weight gain this year), but I'm working on it. I commend you for being as aware as you are.

That is exciting that you ordered your wedding invitations! Hooray! One more thing to cross off the list, right?

I hear you on the eating when hungry thing... it is tough to reset eating habits. I am trying to be careful right now since I am doing no cardio... I know I have put on a few pounds but am hoping to get cleared for cardio at my appt tomorrow so I can work on getting back to my ideal weight.

My random thought is that I am so tired right now as I just got home from a quick business trip to Jacksonville, but I really should study some more so I can have a shorter night of studying tomorrow night...
I have the same eating habits as you do! Along with the snacks and pre-lunch, post-lunch etc... It's hard to unmake that habit after so much running and actually being hungry all the time! If you figure out any good tips for doing it, let me know!
Amber said…
My biggest issue is not eating enough during the day, being RAVENOUS when I get home from work and then binging because I snack while cooking dinner and then eat two servings of dinner and then suddenly I'm SO FULL. Ugh. I need to be better about having a late afternoon snack so I'm not SO hungry when I get home from work.

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