Road Trippin' to Sunshine

Growing up, road trips meant EARLY mornings (leaving the house by 6 am), breakfast at McDonalds (I can still remember eating pancakes from a styrofoam tray) and napping.

This time, it meant leaving town around 10 am after dropping off the dog AND stopping for egg and cheese mcmuffins before departing Eugene. 

No less than an hour later, the manfriend said he was hungry again. 

Bathroom and ice cream pit stop and back on the road. 

A few hrs later, we spotted a mountain in the distance. 

Mt. Shasta! 

Road trips are a wee less entertaining without a radio, fyi. And smartphones don't have the greatest speakers. Luckily, each of us switched driving about every 150 miles so time seemed to fly by!

We made it to Audrey and Andrew's house in Monterey, CA about 10 pm. After a little chat, we passed out. 

About 8 am, I woke up, made some tea and snuck outside to sit in the sun. 

A few hours later, Andrew took us to breakfast in Carmel (home of Pebble Beach golf course). Hello, birthday boy!

Cruising past Carmel (Audrey and Andrew got married at the beach in Carmel two years ago)

Seeing several cute beach cottages and homes

Who wants to live on the cliff when a earthquake or tsunami rolls through CA? Not me!

I forgot to bring my USB cord for my camera so these are all my phone pics. 

After a walk with the dog and a birthday beer on a patio along the Monterey wharf, we came back to the house to make pizza and watch the Olympic Trials.

What ensued was me screaming at the tv for the last few laps of the women's 5K. 

Heart is breaking for Julia tonight. Made a gutsy, but strong move with about three laps to go. It almost panned out for her, but with four one hundredths of a second, it didn't. Watch the interview here.

Alas, I'm so proud of both Julia Lucas and Lauren Fleshman. Now I'm sure they're just wondering "what next?"

This morning I headed out the door about 7 am for a run along the ocean. So peaceful to run along the water with a little breeze blowing. Knocked out 9 miles.

Now it's time to head north for Kyle and Sabrina's wedding! Rehearsal and dinner tonight!


Wow, your photos are beautiful! I would love to visit that region of California some day!

Road trips were similar for us as well, except the McDonalds stop was usually a bit into the trip, like maybe an hour, since we had no fast food restaurants in our one-horse town!

Have a blast at the wedding!
Amber said…
Looks like an amazing trip so far! The pictures are beautiful! Glad you got to spend some time with friends too. Hope you had the best day ever at your brother's wedding!!!! :)
Tasha Malcolm said…
It looks like you are having a blast! Have fun at the wedding. :-)

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