One Month

One month is about the amount of time I've taken off "serious training" of any kind. Sure, I've still been logging plenty of miles, but they've been split among multiple disciplines and done at a much easier pace.

After the Eugene Marathon, I told myself I get a bit of a break before I started back into full bore training mode. The last month has been refreshing in the workout sense, yet frustrating at the same time.

It always seems that the moment you let your body or mind rest, the flood gates open and you feel all the pain and suffering you've been putting yourself through over the previous months. Aches and pains have been showing up, my left IT band has been super sore (even though I'm running maybe 15-20 miles per week) and my low back has been a bit painful.

Alas, it's June (holy shi*) and time to get back on the training saddle! I have exactly three months to get my rear in some serious trail running shape for the MRTR 50K. I bought a new pair of Montrails (this time the Fairhavens - a road/trail crossover shoe) and I'm ready to get back to the beautiful scenery, laid back trail mentality and some slower miles.

Kicking off the month of serious training, first meant kicking June off with Bachelorette Weekend #2 for my brother's fiance - Sabrina! The fun included: a lingerie shower w/ mimosas, happy hour and pole dancing class (fun and hilarious).

I left the late night partying to the younger ladies...this grandma had a bit too much scheduled for one weekend and needed a day back in Eugene to get ready for the week.

Now I'm really excited to see the two of them get hitched at the end of the month! It will be fun to see everything come together and share the weekend with them in California.

And after that, it's time for the manfriend and I to get serious about our own wedding planning. True fact: we had a "wedding meeting" this weekend to discuss what we really wanted (venue, feel, style, music, food, etc) before we start seeking out venues and making decisions. That way, we go into this thing having a clear vision and agreed upon ideas (more or less).

And with that, happy Monday to you all! I'm finally feeling excited and ready to get back to focused running, but I seriously need to stretch more (yoga!yoga!yoga!). Oh and it's Pizza Night after run club tonight - good excuse to run a few extra miles!


These recovery months are tough, but so necessary! Summer seems like the best time to be training on trails - shade and high altitude usually = cooler miles ;)

I bet you & Pete came up with some fun, creative wedding ideas. Can't wait to see what you two come up with!
Leigh said…
That's fun that you went pole dancing! I have never been but want to try it. I have a feeling that I would be terrible as I have zero coordination with that kind of thing!
Amber said…
Sounds like a really fun bachelorette party! I've never done pole dancing lessons but they sound fun!! That's great you and manfriend had a "wedding meeting" to figure out as much before you start booking things. Eric and I kind of made decisions as we went and it's ended up making a few things more expensive than we would have liked :S
When one of my friends turned 30, we went to a pole dancing workout class. It was HARD. I was so sore the next day! Sounds like a fun night!

That is so cute that you had a planning meeting. I can't wait to hear all about the plans as they develop!!!
Tasha Malcolm said…
Now your life will officially be wedding crazy since you are starting to discuss the big day. You will have so much fun planning it. I know I did. My hubby not so much, but he knew the date and what he was supposed to wear and when to show up. Just the important stuff.
Pizza is definitely a great reason to run a few extra miles! Can you tell me a little bit about your trail running shoes? I am thinking of getting some but am not even sure where to start! I have heard good things about Montrails though. What road shoes do you wear?
Well, last year I bought two pair of montrails and picked the ones that I thought would work best and sent the other pair back. I had purchased the Badrocks and the Fairhavens and sent the fairhavens back.

A little review of the shoes:

I really liked the badrocks, but know that they won't last me the whole summer so I bought the fairhavens when I was at the Columbia Employee Store recently(they were half off). They are more flat and have less grip, but will also work for trail. Anyway, with trail, I think it's really important to have a trail specific shoe because you step on all kinds of rocks, roots, etc and do lots of fast/hard descending after you've climbed slowly up. Also, my trail shoes come up a little higher on my ankle to support the twisting and rocking that happens as you run over all the obstacles on the trail. I did a lot of reading reviews and such about the montrail shoes last year and they seemed to be a good choice.

My normal road shoes are Brooks Adrenalines, which I love.

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