Friday Finds, Fashion and Fitness

Happy FRIDAY! 

It's been a super busy week around here because we have a big meeting this weekend at work so I feel like we've all been plowing through things at lightning speed. Luckily, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel in just a few days. 

With a busy weekend ahead, I'm trying to remain calm and appreciate the fact that I have a few hours to myself on Sunday and have already mentally scheduled my workouts in where I can fit them. 

Because my head's in a bit of a fog, I'm just going to post some randomness from the week. Enjoy!

New to me product of the week
Lavendar kombucha recommended by the Fitnessista

I try to snag a bottle of kombucha whenever I'm on the verge of sickness. It seems to do the trick most of the time. My favorite flavors of this brand are mango, guava and trilogy. 

New to me workout machine
This is one of those stair masters that is SUPER tall and has rotating steps so it's actually like you're climbing stairs because you have to step off one step and up to the next. 

I tried to do some faster speeds on it, but it was just too freaky. I almost smashed my toes a few times and the entire 8 minutes I felt like I was going to miss a step and face plant on the machine. 

Fashion Friday
I wore this on Monday in an effort to put together something fun and wear this skirt that I bought full price and haven't worn much. 

Sweater: Tar-get, neon top: LOFT, skirt: LOFT, sandals: Macy's (can't remember the brand)

First short race in I don't know how long
On Sunday I'm racing/running the Eugene Prost8K! Prostate cancer has touched a lot of men I know, whether it be family, friends and running peers. Plus, it fits my criteria of being affordable and held in an area other than the river bike path (where many races are held in Eugene). 

We'll see how I do. I've never run an 8K, but my plan is... to warm up for at least a mile, slow and easy. Then I'll hopefully start the race around tempo pace and just pick it up as I feel comfortable and when I hit the last mile, it's time to take it home! Finally, I'll round it out with another easy mile or so cool down. 

Giddy About
TrackTown 2012. Last time the Olympic Track and Field Trials  came to Eugene it was a big deal and my friends and I felt like it was summer break for two weeks in June. 

Except we're adults and had full time jobs and would spend most of the evenings watching races and then rubbing elbows with athletes, coaches and fans at the local establishments. It was amazing. Those 10 days are still etched in my memory. 

Did you try anything new this week - fitness or foodwise or other? Anyone racing this weekend? 


Gracie said…
Loving the bold black and white graphic with the neon! Looking sharp!
Tasha Malcolm said…
I love your outfit! So cute! The skirt looks awesome on you, I would have paid full price for it too. Have a great weekend!
missris said…
I love that outfit! Super cute and sassy.
J said…
Good luck in the race! Hope you do well. I have never raced an 8k either! I think its such a rare race distance! Love the skirt! I need to go and get some more skirts to wear.
Leigh said…
LOVE your outfit! Looks so great on you. I've only done one 8k and that was in the spring. They are kind of fun!
Amber said…
Super cute outfit! You put together some really cute outfit combo's!

I have never done an 8K race before but I think I would like that distance! Have fun
Raquelita said…
That is a fantastic skirt!

I've only done one 8K in the past, but I have another one on my schedule for next month. Good luck this weekend!
Enjoy the 8k! That is a cause that is close to my heart since my dad has prostate cancer this spring. He just have a test this week to see if there was any residual cancer and it came back with a result of 0! :)

I love that outfit! You look awesome in it!

I can't think of anything I tried new this week. I am such a creature of habit!!!!
Lindsey said…
Good luck at the race! The race I run in Portland with Katie every year has an 8K option and we have run it twice now I think. I kind of like the distance actually.

I am so excited for the trials! We should meet up there at some point. Or after for food!
I like that skirt! It's funky enough without begin over the top. I have only tried one Kombucha flavor; it was the cherry chia. I didn't like it. I guess I need to try some other flavors before I totally give up on it!

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