Welcome to Tracktown, USA

The calm before the storm is no longer.

For a while it seemed like nothing much would change around here with the trials coming to town. And then 60 days ago it's like the city realized "Oh crap! The Olympic Trials are coming. We better get to work!" They then proceeded to rip up and repair what seemed like half of our city's streets. Well, the roadwork is done. The fresh bark dust and flowers are in place and the new running trail and mileage marker signs are now posted.

The countdown clock at 5th Street Market should read 3 days now and we're sure noticing it around campus. Friday, Eugene 08, the Olympic Track & Field Trials will be in full force.

Since my office is in the midst of the madness, I have a front row view. In addition, I'll be volunteering my butt off for the University and USATF Media Services for 40+ hrs and watching a few days from the stands. I'm just ready to be in the thick of it all. I expect these ten days to be sleep deprived, inspiring, stressful, fun, crazy and overall an awesome experience.


Anonymous said…
That sounds really fun! I wish I was there.
Anonymous said…
That's awesome!! I had no idea they held the trials over there, very fun :) I would love to watch the races, it will definitely be inspiring!
P.O.M. said…
Yep - Portland, OR will be my next marathon. Can't wait. We will probably plan some sort of blogger meet up. I'll announce it on my blog when we get closer to October.
Rachel said…
Sounds so much fun! I really wish that I could be somewhere close to something so neat! And it would be such an inspiration.

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