Double Dead Legs

Happy Memorial Day weekend all! I hope you're maxing and relaxing as much as possible. And on to how I got double dead legs...

Friday, I rode to work to snag a free donut and coffee on the bike path (local event at which I donated $5 toward breast cancer research) and of course to get the exercise and save the planet. During the lunch hour, I hopped on over to the gym to do a nice 20 min aqua jogging session. I got home around 4pm and decided to take Jonah Bell (dog) for a short run in the sun. Three miles later, we were sweaty and tired.

I didn't have intentions of doing this the day before my long run. But when manfriend and I started chatting about our weekend plans, it became apparent that Saturday should be my LR day. We promptly headed to our favorite Italian restaurant, Beppe and Gianni's Trattoria.

Image found here.

The restaurant is just the perfect comfort, cozy and classy for a relaxing date night. And what goes better with carb loading than a good bottle of red? Not much.

Saturday, I woke up a little parched from the vino. I chugged some water, had some coconut black tea and ate my Kashi cereal. An hour and a half later, I was out for my 12 mile run. And I tell ya, from the minute I started it felt like disaster. The legs were having none of this running stuff. The running, swimming and biking on Friday MAY have been overkill.

But I kept pounding the pavement thinking okay, maybe I can do six and do a long run on Monday? Around 3.5 miles the legs miraculously found some new life and I chugged up into the hilly trails. I even managed to run one of the steep parts of the trail that I often walk.

What worked for me was counting down from 60 (like seconds), telling myself I could walk if I wasn't up the hill in 60. Amazing how hard a 60 sec hill seems when you don't force yourself to run it. What mind tricks do you play to keep yourself moving when your body just wants to stop?

I got back to my car with 12 miles done in 1hr 50min, did some much needed stretching in the grass and headed home to make myself this beautiful bowl of goodness...

Instead of making a sandwich, I had the brilliant idea to microwave brown rice, black beans and broccoli and then add red and green bell peppers, greek yogurt and a little bit of cheddar cheese. I also used Food Should Taste Good multigrain chips to scoop with. This was such a tasty and nutritious recovery meal.

In all actuality, this post should be named triple or quadruple dead legs because today I did a semi epic ride with the manfriend. If I'm ever able to upload photos from my non iphone, I'll show you. End of story, legs should be donezo (done, finished, no more) tomorrow. But of course, I have schemes of a run or ride on the brain.

I hope everyone has a fabulous DAY OFF! If only every week could be four days long with three day weekends. In my dreams...


You're crazy hardcore!!! Yay for running AND biking this weekend and double-yay for not having to go to work tomorrow :P
siri said…
Beppe and Gianni's! How I miss thee...
Simply Life said…
yum, that looks like a great meal!
Ufda, your legs must be TIRED.

When I am tempted to cut my run short, I think about how i am going to have to go home and right that lower number on my training plan. Being the type a person I am, I have my runs planned out & I don't like to run less than I prescribed for myself.

On top of that, I tell myself, 'Self, you are running a marathon this fall. You need to learn how to push through this.'
Anonymous said…
Mind games: counting, singing to a song, avoiding glances at the Garmin, water sips, thinking about post-run plans....just to name a few!

That bowl Does look delicious - and those legs deserved a glass or two of red ;)
I like your count to 60 trick! If I'm not mentally exhausted I...think up new recipes! Going through all the cooking steps takes time and imagination and the miles quickly pass.
Congrats on getting in the run even when your legs were fighting you. The first 3 miles are the hardest for me, then my body kind of gets into it. (Although I have yet to hit 12 miles!)

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