A trial of sorts

As of late, I've been run run running along as usual, building up my base and getting back into the swing of it. Sometimes I do a Thursday speed or hill workout and lately I've been doing a longer run once a week. But really, it occurred to me last night, I haven't REALLY pushed it in a while.

So this morning, taking a few tips from my recent RW mag, I decided to do a little speed on my own. I took the dog out for a decent 10 min warm up. Then, I went out for 16 min of alternating 4 min of HARD with 2 min of EASY (not walking, just a slow run). I would have gone longer, but it was time to shower and get ready for work.

My face was red and sweat was pouring. It felt refreshing to push it to that place where things are no longer comfortable. Where your legs are screaming "I really can't do this much longer!" And eventually, I know it won't feel as bad and my pace may just improve as a result. Not a bad thing in my book!

Well, this weekend the man and I are off on our first actual camping trip of the summer after you have no idea how many times of nagging him! Last night we did some serious grocery/beverage/camping supplies shopping and are ready to go. I can't wait (and now, neither can he)! We're looking forward to some relaxation, biking and hiking, and sitting by the campfire.

What adventures do you have up your sleeve this weekend?


Oscar Yeager said…
Speedwork is good.

Before I started reading the running mags, I did nothing BUT speedwork.

It was amazing how quickly I improved, one thing I've noticed, even in races, is that many people simply refuse to run beyond their comfort zone, they aren't even willing to breath heavy.

My legs never scream anymore, ( except afterwards )lungs and/or heart rate is always my limiting factor.
Amber said…
Sounds like a great run! I haven't had a hard run like that in awhile and I've been itching for one!!

Have fun camping - that is probably my absolute favourite thing to do in the summer!
Anonymous said…
Speedwork is always a good "push it!" workout :) however short it is - I think it still helps that whole 'lactate threshold' thing.

hope you had fun camping!! I went to a Steeler's game this weekend (vs Redskins) SO FUN, except it rained a little bit. ha not my thing, but what can ya do :)

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