Out of town but getting it done!

This weekend I met up with my closest girlfriends from high school for the big country music fest in Oregon. We're a close bunch and have done well at reuniting and staying in touch as much as possible. Most of us still live in Oregon, but one flew in from Salt Lake (hey T!) and another drove from Washington. It's truly a dedicated crew.

EARLY Friday, I said goodbye to the man, drove north, worked out a my parents gym for about 45 min and got ready to go. A few hours later, we all piled into the cars full of camping gear, food, beer, and cowboy hats and hit the road. After a long day of swimming in the lake, listening to music and having some good laughs, I went right to sleep laying on the hard ground listening to our neighbnors' blasting music.

Saturday, I woke up early, as you always do when you're camping. Friend J and I had agreed to go running so we slipped on our clothes and headed out for a run in the already hot sun. We ran past the festival entrance where the early birds were waiting in line, ran past the security guards (who joked that there was "no running" allowed near the entrance) and through town. We finished back at camp feeling good but tired after a solid 55 minutes of running and chatting. It sure felt good to keep up the routine even when I'm out of my element.

Sunday, we did the same. Woke up early and hit the pavement for just 30 minutes this time. Still felt great and I think we might have been more sweaty after 30 than we had after the 55. Yesterday, I got home in time to hop on the bike for 17 miles of spinning in the sun. I like that I'm not willing to abandon my routines for a fun weekend with friends because really you can have your cake and eat it to, so to speak. And, it's nice not to come home after a weekend away and feel like you have a lot to "undo".

P.S. Just started "Water for Elephants" this weekend and it's interesting so far. I'm loving all these books I've been reading thanks to my renewed friendship with my local public library! If you haven't stopped by yours lately, I suggest you do. Next on my reading list is: Julie & Julia (as in the book the movie is based on). I also have a few workout videos waiting to be picked up.

What's on your reading list?


I'm impressed that you still fit your runs in - way to go! I have also gotten better about doing this when I go to my parents' cabin. I run while they eat breakfast and it works out so well.

I just started reading "Outlander" - won it on Amber's blog a couple of months ago so am looking forward to getting into. After that I plan on reading Dud Avocado for a bookclub I'm joining that meets in a bar!!! I had never heard of the book, but it sounds good and is set in Paris, so I figure I'll enjoy it since I am a total Francophile.
Amber said…
Good for you for getting runs in while camping! I swear I tried to do that last weekend when I was camping but after sleeping on the hard ground all night I just didn't have the energy :-( It's probably nice to have a friend who's willing to go with you!!
A said…
LOVE that book. And I'm stopping by my library on my way home from work tonigh! :)
Anonymous said…
I just finished "Happens Ever Day" by Isabel Gillies - Really good. Very simple and entertaining, and a little sad - but good.

Fun weekend!! Camping and country music AND running? hit the jackpot with that one. ;)
magda said…
I've been a long-time friend of the library. Tax dollars at work! It's so easy with online holds, and I swear people in DC just don't read ... I rarely have to wait more than a week or so.

I'm reading The Girls from Ames right now, which I totally recommend. The top part of this post actually reminded me of it ... it's all about childhood friends who are still really tight despite being now in middle age and in different parts of the country.

Sounds like a busy weekend, but well worth it!

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