Thankful Thanksgiving

I don't know about you, but I really love these quiet mornings on a special day (Thanksgiving!) before the sun rises when it's just me awake in the house. I'm excited for our 5K this morning as well as catching a few minutes of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

This afternoon, we'll head up to my grandparents for Thanksgiving with the family. I'm bringing the veggie tray and maybe some cranberry sauce as my grandma still does the whole sha-bang on Thanksgiving! Her rolls are the best.

If you're still needing something tasty to whip up for friends, family, or yourself, Minimalist Baker has a ton of drool-worthy recipes on tap for you.

Today I'm thankful for the manfriend, my family, my friends, and living in the Pacific Northwest. Every time I imagine leaving this place, it just seems nearly impossible to do.

As winter approaches, I'm already scheming up the number of times we can visit Bend, or do anything involving getting out to the snow and the mountains. And for the record, we already have two trips to Bend planned for January!

Last Saturday, I opted to skip yoga so the manfriend and I could head on a little hiking adventure - something I always say I want to do, but rarely make the time for.

The views and the long, winding drive to Kentucky Falls were worth it, however.

Don't be fooled by my seemingly normalness. There are days I look like a crazy tourist hiker and last Saturday was one of those...


And as usual, the debate begins in my mind. Will I go out on Black Friday or will I stay in where it's cozy and peaceful?

On the one hand, I'd like to pick up some new sheets at half price and a few other small things, but on the other hand, I could also do that via a little online shopping and avoid the day of craziness. 

Of course, if you're doing any online shopping, be sure to sign up for Ebates. It's free and easy and you'll get cash back on most purchases you make online. Seriously, there is no trick to it. You simply have to login to your Ebates account and from there navigate to the online store of your choice and you'll get a check in the mail once a quarter that you shop.

Are you doing any holiday shopping this weekend? 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating! 

Be sure to eat something you love, move your body a bit, and take a moment to reflect on the good stuff in life. 


I haven't heard of Ebates! I have already done pretty much all of my Christmas shopping, most of it online so that would have been good for me to use!

I hope you guys are having a great Thanksgiving! I am having a great time with my family. It was -8 when I woke up so there was no Turkey Trot for me, but I did a shred workout. It felt good to get a workout in before indulging in a big meal!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Pete!
Elizabeth said…
Ha--so glad you guys were able to get out on some trails! Looks gorgeous :) Hope you two had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Can imagine you're as ready for the winter break as I am. I have no idea how you gals are able to keep up with running, blogging, cooking, and everything else that y'all do at the same time! :)
Elizabeth said…
Oh PS you two should totally come up and do the Ugly Sweater Run on Sunday :)
Amber said…
What a beautiful hike!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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