What I'm Looking Forward To

Hello and happy Friday! Guess what? The snow is finally melting! Thank you, universe. It was fun for the first few days and then... not so much.

From Monday 

This whole snow and ice thing really threw a wrench into finals week. One of my finals was totally cancelled and the other I'll be taking on Monday. So much for finals week being over...

The community college I'm taking classes at is up on a hill and with so many students and teachers commuting, it makes getting there a little harder here where we don't have many snow plows and the manpower to get these streets clean pronto.

In other news, we had some version of these veggie burritos twice this week (and I can't promise we won't have it again tonight). Shh... don't tell the manfriend. 

Also, please know that the manfriend told me "this better be the blog!" because he cooked dinner on Tuesday night while I studied. ;)

I'll admit to having a few of these peanut butter blossoms this week as a "pre-breakfast" if you will. Tis the season?

It's fun to have a few more treats around the holidays, but I'm also glad to know it lasts for a defined period of time. Give me free reign with sweets and pastries and I'd be doomed (or be buying much bigger pants).

What I'm Looking Forward To
Since I'm pretty much all over the place today, I thought it would be fun to tell you what I'm looking forward to. And, I always love reading what others are excited for.

In a few days... Being done with finals. I foolishly booked a facial as my "yay, I'm done with finals!" treat for tonight. Now, I'll be studying most of the weekend after getting said treat.

In a week... Going to Bend, OR with the manfriend and my family to enjoy a few lazy days at a rental house enjoying the holidays, good food and drink, the snow, Christmas movies, etc. I can't wait to be on vacation!

In a month... While I'll be sad to see Christmas pass, January is the start to a new year and an exciting 2014. I'll be turning 31, we'll be booking our flights to Europe, and I have lots of miles in store for these legs amidst the studying and work. I've also got some personal goals that I'd like to work on in 2014 (kind of like resolutions, but I'm not calling them that).

In a year... Well, that feels like a long way forward, but I hope to have most of these prerequisites conquered and to be taking more classes focused toward nutrition. Chemistry just doesn't feel like it's related, even though it is. And overall, just living a bit bolder.

What are you looking forward to in week, month or year? 

Extra Credit Reading:
In case you're needing some validation for not wanting to buy presents this year, this is a good read. The Case Against Buying Christmas Presents 


Leigh said…
I wish the snow was melting here...unfortunately we have a lot of it :( Hope your finals go well!
Amber said…
I am really looking forward to having 9 days off of work between Christmas and New Years, I really need some "reset" time right now. I'm also looking forward to the big trip we're hoping to take in the spring and Eric being done school and hopefully seamlessly finding a job. We are both SO ready for him to be done school! haha
I am glad the snow is melting. How annoying that it impacted your finals, though, and prolonged them. Yuck! It will be so good to be on vacation!

In a week I am looking forward to being home with my family for Christmas, in a month I am looking forward to going to Charleston to cheer on some run club friends from Mpls that are running the marathon, and in a year, I am looking forward to *hopefully* being back in the midwest and feeling more like myself again.
I'm a snow lover ... but, what I really hate about it is when people don't shovel their sidewalks. Living in a city means people walk everywhere. And pushing a stroller through snowy sidewalks is challenging ... to the point of sending nasty cuss words out into the Universe for the homeowners to hear. =D

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