Track "Party", Pain? 

This week it was back at the track on Thursday to tackle another speed workout

Old pic, same location: Hayward Field

I find it interesting that at the beginning of every section of the workout I semi dread the next 4, 6 or 8 x 400s, 800s, etc. And before you know it... POOF! it's over. 

Granted, it hasn't always been this way. I started doing speed work with some version of this same group about six years ago and never looked back. 

Well, in the first year or so there were some weeks where I avoided the workouts, but that was mostly because I feared the pain and didn't want to be the last person to finish the workout. 

Now days, I say "Bring on the pain!" I mean, doesn't this look like a face that says that? Ha.

Anywho, Thursday the temps in Eugene were just starting to rise so our workout was done in 80 something degree heat. Not terrible, but not ideal running conditions.

The workout: 12 min warm up, drills (Hello, huge group. We are really starting to take over the track on Thurs nights!), the meat of the workout: 10 min @ tempo pace (~7:30ish for me), 8 x 300m @ mile pace (5:45-6:10 for me), and finally a cool down.

While the workout wasn't the hardest, as I was in the most challenging moment of each 300m, I could tell that my running fitness has improved tremendously. I can keep up with people that I never had before. It may have taken several years to get to this place, but I like feeling the accomplishment of something only I can take credit for. 

We've been doing a lot of work at mile pace lately, which has me wondering: what I could actually run a mile in? Perhaps I'll test it out one of these days...

On July 4th, I'm signed up to run the Butte to Butte 10K in town, which is a pretty large race that starts with one very steep mile uphill, followed by one very steep downhill. I haven't run it in a few years, so I'm looking forward to the challenge and camaraderie of thousands of local runners sweating on a holiday. 

We're having some kind of heat wave that's supposed to put us in the upper 90s by Monday, so let's hope Wednesday's weather isn't too balmy!

I hope you're having a perfect weekend. Surprise, surprise, we have some more wedding things to do - errands, a small craft project, final dress fitting! Ooh, and le Tour de France starts today!

Is anyone else racing soon? What's your favorite speed workout?


I have never done track workouts, but we do a lot of yasso workouts in the last 1/3 of marathon training and those were tough but I loved the challenge of trying to maintain a certain pace. That is awesome that you can see that your level of fitness has improved over the years. You definitely should be proud of it!

I'm tempted to see what races are available in this area this fall, but have resisted looking as I don't want to get myself excited about a potential return to running and then not have it happen. I am hoping to do either half or full in Charleston in January as some people from my Mpls running club are coming down to do it, but besides that, I have no races in sight. :( At this point I am hoping to be back to running by September maybe.
We are supposed to be in the triple digits this week. I am not looking forward to having to force myself out of bed early to run. I am so awful at morning motivation these days!

I am going to run a 5K on the 4th that I have never run before. Trying to decide if I should ride my bike there and then run and then ride back home. Might be good triathlon practice.
missris said…
I have done one track workout in my entire life and it was...kind of awful and really hard. I know they're good for me but I have no desire to repeat that experience!
I have never done track workouts but I have done speed workouts and I love and hate them so much! It is always so hard, but I always feel so great afterwards!

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