Wedding: Hair & Makeup Trial

Hello and happy Tuesday! I hope you got to enjoy an extra day off. My long weekend kicked off late Friday afternoon when I left work to head with my mom over to Bend, OR. 

I had scheduled my hair and makeup trial for this weekend so we decided to go over the night before and enjoy Bend a bit. 

We got into town, booked a hotel on the drive over via Orbitz (saved $40!) and headed to Brother Jon's Ale House for dinner. It's one of my favorite restaurants downtown (often a shorter wait than Deschutes Brewery) and has a great menu + awesome ale options. 

The brown porter was the beer of choice for both of us. I ordered a BLTAvacado and mom had a portobello mushroom sandwich. Both were a-mazing!

Afterward, we opted to walk around a bit to enjoy the city and walk off our food bellies. It was such a pretty night and just chilly enough to wear a warm jacket. 

Love Drake Park

I was kind of infatuated with the bark on this tree (true Oregonian right there). 

The next morning, I woke up around 5:45 am and couldn't go back to sleep. I blame the wedding nightmare I had. So, what do you do when you're awake and in such a beautiful running town? You run of course, in 34 degree temps. 

The Deschutes River trail was just a half mile or so from our hotel.

I just took it easy and enjoyed the scenery, stopping to snap some photos here and there, finishing with 2.5 miles total. After all, I'm still rocking the reset and taking it easy. 

Why not hold chaturanga on the foot bridge??

After a quick change, my mom and I headed to a 7:30 am sweaty, fun yoga class at Groove Yoga. My mom did a great job and enjoyed the class. I love their classes because they are fast paced, warm and have great music that keeps your mind off the sweat dripping poses. 

And now, the makeup trial!

After breakfast and showers, we went to Lemon Drop Salon to see Annie for my makeup. I asked her to do it fairly natural, with browns and coppers for the eye shadow. While it seemed heavy close up, I know for wedding photos that it needs to be a little more dramatic than my normal routine. 

Same makeup, but a little pinker lipstick. Overall, I was happy with how it turned out.

Shortly after, it was time to get the hairs did!

Megan at Blue Star Salon took the few photos I brought from Pinterest for inspiration for some kind of side, semi loose updo. 

Trying to explain what you want without really knowing yourself is kind of tough, but Megan did a nice job. While the curls looked too tight and "put together" at first, I liked how they looked after a few hours of wear. 

After the few hour drive home, it was time for dinner, so the manfriend and I went out for Italian. I snapped another pic of the hair just to see how it had held up after 5+ hours. 

So yeah, we packed a lot into our short 24 hours in Bend! I'm glad we made the trip over now so I have one less thing to worry about in the upcoming weeks.

What was the best part of your weekend? 


Leigh said…
Love how your hair and make up turned out! Sounds like a fun weekend you had :)
Jessica J said…
The hair and makeup look fantastic! I really like how both turned out!
Redhead Running said…
Looks perfect! Wasn't it so fun?! I remember feeling like, whoa, shit is getting real. LOL! :)
Elizabeth said…
Looks great lady--both the hair and the make-up! And it held up well. Definitely will have to try that Ale House out if I hit up Bend this summer. I can't remember the one that I usually go to but this one you mentioned sounds great. The easy run looked like the right way to start the morning! Glad you had a great weekend
Love your hair and make up. You looked beautiful! I can't wait to see everything put together now.
J said…
I love your hair and makeup! Wedding make up is heavy but it looks awesome in photos!
You look beautiful! I think that is the right amount of make up - you still look like you, but an elevated version of you, and it will photograph well! I love the hair, too. Especially when it loosened up towards the end of the day. Seeing the pictures of the area makes me so bummed that I won't be able to come. It looks GORGEOUS!
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Amber said…
You look amazing! I agree with Lisa that it is the perfect amount of make up and the hair is really really pretty! You are going to look so beautiful!
I love the hair and makeup. They are fancy but not overdone. Bend is a great town; I really like it and am actually going to be up there in a few weeks! I can't wait!

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