Weekend in Review

Hello and happy Monday! It's time for a little brain dump. Brain dumps on paper, to a good friend or even to your closest blog buddies can be seriously valuable. Get that stuff out so it doesn't take up space and fester! Plus, the things we're holding on to and agonizing over often aren't that big of a deal. 

1. The bunions on the outside of both feet are coming back and hurt like hell. I think that's thanks to shoving my feet in Toms and flats a bit too frequently the past few weeks. It may be time to also head back to my Brooks Adrenalines in wide. The Brooks PureCadence have been good shoes, but don't come in wides.

2. I spent my nose in my chemistry and biology books for several hours this weekend studying for my chemistry midterm, doing homework and catching up on reading. I could spend another 10 hours on studying to actually feel caught up and understand it all.

3. I have a few big work events at the end of the week that I have been putting a lot of time and effort into. While I'm dreading the end of the week because I need more time, I can't wait to have it behind me. Some things, you'll never feel prepared for in life no matter how much time you spend on them.

4. I went on a trail run with friends Saturday morning and just let the universe dictate the pace and distance. 11 miles later, my spirit was refreshed and my butt was sore from all that hill climbing.

Beautiful morning running with Dawnetta

5. I bought a reflective Amphipod xinglet from REI on Sunday. I figured that with my morning runs in the rain/fog, it's probably wise to wear some reflective in addition to carrying pepper spray. I tried it out at 5:30 am on Sunday and both it's comfortable and adjustable. 

Hello, awesome hair. 

6. The manfriend raced cyclocross yesterday in Portland so I tagged along. It was a beautiful fall day and I managed to get some studying in and see my brother and his wife Sabrina as well.

Finished 27th out of 128 in his category

7. We've yet to turn our furnace on. I spent last night studying indoors in my puffy vest and beanie. The manfriend and I are holding out on heat until November... if we can.

8. I watched Grey's Anatomy from last week online and burst out crying during the last scene. Hello, drama. Plane crash, traumatized doctors, amputated doctor, love, loss... me crying my eyes out.

9. Found out I got a B+ on my first biology midterm. Not bad, but would have preferred something starting with an A. ;)

10. I am starting to crave fall dishes. I flipped through the latest Real Simple and now have a hankering for homemade stuffing. Alas, we don't have time for such elaborate dishes. I did finally write out a dinner menu for the week - winning!

How was your weekend? Anything you're looking forward to this week?


Raquelita said…
Nice job of getting in studying and trail running over the weekend! I hope that the bunions go away soon! This week I'm looking forward to enjoying my new office furniture during the first part of the week and heading to a conference during the second part of the week.
Leigh said…
I need to find a vest or other reflective gear. I'm not ready to give up running now that it's getting dark earlier. Our furnace has been on because it snowed on the weekend!!
Amber said…
We try to hold out till November on the heat too but man it has been COLD here! I've turned the heater on a couple of times but we've mostly been keeping it off. I was freezing last week!

That trail run looks gorgeous. I LOVEEEEE Trail running lately. Like can't get enough of it love it!
Cyclocross looks like fun!!!! Have you competed in one yet?
I love my Toms- I think that I have 10 pairs. I wear them everyday when I get home from work. I currently have decided I must get the red glitters.
We finally had a fire in our fireplace the other night. Only because it was in the 30 degree range. I heard a nasty rumor that snow is in the forecast for this week.
I watched Parenthood on Hulu last week when I was spinning and bawled my eyes yet. I felt like a dork. :-)
I have been thinking about getting one of those reflective vests too. I run in the morning and the evening and they are both darker than I would like! I have been carrying my headlamp a lot lately too!
That reflective vest is great idea! I like that it's not as bulky as some of the others I have seen. Way to be smart and safe about running in the dark!

Well done on the exam. I think the first one is always the hardest because you don't know the prof's testing style.

Good luck with your upcoming midterm. I am kind of shocked it's already midterm time. Feels like you JUST started. But i guess it is late October (which also seems weird!!).
J said…
Sounds like your life is just as busy as mine! Hopefully this week goes well for you! My weekend was pretty relaxing thankfully after about 4 months of craziness!

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