Smitten with Fall

A few years ago, I started to become mildly smitten with fall. But by fall 2012, it's a full blown love affair. I'm completely obsessed with everything fall. 

Leaves, don't ever change.

Seen in my neighborhood on a glorious Saturday morning run before yoga.

The afterglow of the perfect run, weather and donning a long sleeve wool top for the first time this season. 

The vineyard (where Lindsey and Sonny will get hitched) and the grape vines. In love with their neat little rows and all their branches and leaves. 

As we don't have many decorations at our house, I've been on the hunt for some fallish festiveness. I finally hit the jackpot at World Market where I found this little glittery pine cone bird, a turkey candle holder and a few other small things for 25% off. I may go back for some placemats and a cute doormat... 

Granted, he may look a little silly looking and I probably could have made him myself, but I think he's cute. He's currently sitting on our coffee table with the pumpkin trees I bought at TJ's last weekend. 

I'd also like to make a wreath like this one. Has anyone else bought some fun decorations or made anything fall?

So, guess what? Not signing up for a race lasted a whole month after McKenzie River! Actually, I'm kind of shocked it took that long.

But the urge to race was calling so I had to make it official - I'm running the Great Pumpkin Run - 10K this Sunday. I haven't raced a 10K in quite a while. Must remember not to surge at mile 2 - still have 4 to go!

I have a personal beef with races in Eugene - they tend to be either 5Ks or half/full marathons. I'm looking forward to running this longer, short race out of town. And I can see a few other races on my horizon!

Any fun plans on your weekend docket? Favorite fall memory as a child?

I have fond memories of spending an entire day with my mom, aunt, and grandma doing art (painting, baking, sewing) in the fall. Everything from artwork with real leaves, drawing and painting a haunted house or just baking some cookies. I also loved raking up piles of leaves with my brothers and dad and then trying to jump in them AKA land hard on the ground when your pile isn't big enough. ;) 


Amber said…
I am smitten with fall too! We had unseasonably warm temperatures here in September so it feels like fall has finally hit now that it's October. Crisp, cool mornings are my favourite!
Raquelita said…
I love fall, but now that I live in Alaska my contact time with its loveliness will probably limited to a a few weeks each year. Unfortunately, this one has been very dreary with lots of grey and rainy backgrounds to the changing foliage. I'm running a half this weekend and looking forward to it!
I love fall decorations, but I don't think I will do much decorating this year. I was looking at some things at Target last weekend, but I didn't buy anything. I at least hope to get some pumpkins to carve before it is too late. It just seems like we are so busy right now....ugh.
That turkey is adorable! Perfect fall find in my opinion! I, too, love fall. It is probably my favorite season. I love the changing leaves and the crisp, cool temps. I have great memories of raking leaves and jumping in the piles, carving pumpkings, roasting pumpkin seeds, and eating big Sunday dinners that featured squash from our garden!!

Good luck at the 10k tomorrow!
J said…
I am loving fall! Especially since we are having a mini heat wave here and it was 70F yesterday! We went apple and pumpkin picking over the weekend and I love picking up a few fall decorations each year!

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