A Breakdown

Get ready. Today's post is going to be another serious one. Don't worry, I'll be back to the fun stuff soon!

Between the physical exhaustion of the Las Vegas trip and the mental exhaustion this week has brought, I'm pretty much spent. 

A friend of ours (one of Pete's teammates) had a bike accident Tuesday night so we spent some time at the hospital and it just threw the week off. Luckily, he is doing great and healing up, but it just wears on you. 

At the same time, the situation reminded me how lucky I am to have what I have. Life is precious and you never know when something could happen. 

Last night I had a late work meeting and didn't get out for a run until 7:30 pm. It had been a warm, muggy day so the 75 deg heat combined with my mental & physical exhaustion nearly did me in. 

I ran for 30 minutes at an easy pace and felt like I could have collapsed at any moment. The legs were even shaking a bit as I stretched afterward. Note to self: listen to your body. 

As a result, I bring you my theme song this week - Violin by Amos Lee

And finally, the look of the week (via Vegas): Sushi me!

We all dressed up for sushi dinner before getting dressed AGAIN for a night on the town. This was probably my favorite look of the weekend because it was fun and comfy, I'm obsessed with aqua and it has glitter and see through lace - perfect for Las Vegas.

Top & necklace: Charlotte Russe, shorts: JCrew outlet, shoes: Old Navy

With all that's been happening, I feel like I'm sort of at a breaking point - a few panic attacks have reminded me that I need to slow down and not expect so much of myself every day of the week. Last night I took an epsom salt bath and tried to read a magazine. Now if only I could get my mind to stop running...

I hope your weekend is off to a more cheerful start than mine. On the bright side, we're starting to see some real sun around these parts and it definitely brightens my mood and energy levels. Okay, gotta get my Friday morning lifting on!


Oh Lauren, I am so sorry you are having such a tough week. You have been SO busy lately. Try to listen to your body... I love that song too, and totally relate to it. I've been at my breaking point for the last month. I feel like I am on a tightrope right now and one misstep could lead to me crashing down...

Hopefully quieter, less busy times are ahead of you... Thinking of you!!
Sorry to hear that you are not feeling so great. I hope your friend is okay and that you have a relaxing weekend, so you can start next week rejuvenated!
Sorry to hear it's been such a tough week lady :( You definitely need some R&R this weekend. I know your mind and body always want to go go go but stopping for a bit can feel oh so good!

Thinking of you!

Also, I LOVE that outfit you wore in Vegas! Looks great on you too!
Redhead Running said…
Sending you some virtual hugs! I hope you get a chance to relax and rejuvenate this weekend girl, you deserve it!

Also, that top is ADORABLE!!!!!
Lindsey said…
I'm glad Pete's teammate is doing okay. Scary!

Sorry you have had a rough week. I hope you have fun in Portland this weekend and can catch up on sleep and relax this coming week.
Such a cute outfit! Classy, but trendy & chic :) Good mix.

Glad to hear the bike-buddy is recovering, and hope that your mind is doing the same. These weeks are so taxing, but a good reminder to slow down and take it eeeasy for the mind & body. Yoga usually helps me with easing these anxieties - a good "restorative" class or easy beginner's vinyasa to bring me back to square 1 & be humble.


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