Hello, Gorgeous

Helloooo, Monday. This weekend's weather was gorgeous in Eugene and perfect for some outdoor running. Saturday, I met up with a crew around 10 am for Jeff's birthday run along the entire Ridgeline Trail.

While we started a bit late, it wasn't too bad with temps near 30 deg. However, running hills warms you up quickly so I was plenty toasty in no time at all. 

One of the fun things about running with a group is that people tend to stop and let others catch up at various points. But it can be tough too to get your legs going again after stopping for a few minutes. 

Beautiful, right? Let me know if you want to visit Eugene and have me be your personal trail tour guide! ;)

Happy and energetic (near the beginning of the run)...

After nine miles of hills, my legs were tired, but I had hopes for ~14 miles so I continued on and ran back through town hit the ribbon trail backward and got to my car at 15 miles. 

Last week, I followed my long run up with 25 min of easy spinning on the trainer, so I did the same thing this Saturday. It feels like it just helps to flush out the soreness from my muscles and joints.

Last long run for Hagg Lake = done. But NOT my last long run for Eugene.

How did you get your sweat on this weekend?

My thoughts on fitting it in where you can: This morning I woke up at 5:20 (missed my 5 am alarm) and had just enough time to crank out 18 min of running (2 miles) followed by two sets of push ups and dips at home.

The day is busy so I knew it was "now or never" and I know I'm a happier person if I get my sweat on first thing. Just because it wasn't a 5+ miler or 30 min strength session, doesn't mean it's not worth it. Just my two cents!


missris said…
I'm definitely of the mind that I should fit in a workout wherever I can, even if it's only going to be 20 minutes. Every bit of movement makes a difference, and it makes me feel better throughout the day!
Oh I totally agree! I think a 10 or 20 minute workout is DEFINITELY better than no workout. Good job fitting something in this morning. And nice work on your trail run, looks gorgeous! I miss running in the trails and can't wait to add them back into my routine more this spring!
jen said…
Lovely!! Such a beautiful weekend, I'm glad you got out on the trails. :) We are actually going to be down there next Saturday- I'm too slow to tag along on a run but maybe just meet up to say hi? I'm not even sure if I'll have time though. I might email you if it looks like it!
Ricole said…
Oh my gosh that is so beautiful, I want to run there! How far is it from your house? I looked up the Hagg Lake race but it was sold out, too bad!
Leigh said…
Loves so gorgeous! Love your purple headband too..where is it from?
J said…
I totally agree - some days I think if I can just get out for 2 miles, then it will be good and better than nothing! This weekend it was chilly but I got in 14 solo miles - the most I have ever run alone.
Those trail views are beautiful! When is the big trail race??

I couldn't agree more about an a.m. sweat - I need a good reminder that it's okay if it's not a "full-on" run though...15-20 min can make all the difference in the world. Might be taking you up on that reminder tomorrow - I'll need it! :)
Raina said…
I think I do need a trail guide sometime when I make it up there!

I like what you said about getting in a bit of a sweat- and even a 1-2 mile run helps me recover from the longer runs and I just feel better after it.

Hope your training is going well for Eugene! I would like to post a link to your blog on mine for Eugene Marathon racers- would that be OK?
I ran on Saturday morning before hitting the books, but did not run at all when I was in Charlotte... I am really disappointed, but each night, I was exhausted after working 15 hour days, I just couldn't set the alarm early enough to fit in a workout. Totally lame. :(

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