Christmas Cookie Fun

Ho Ho Ho! Guess what time it is? Christmas cookie baking is just around the corner in a matter of hours. 

Over the last few years, my former coworker Jenn and I have baked cookies to give away, get into the holiday spirit and get our dose of December sugar in. 

Last year, we crammed a whole bunch of flour, butter, sugar, toppings, cookie cutters, mixers, rolling pins and more onto our tiny kitchen counters and got to work.

This year, the manfriend and I are heading to Jenn's to make a mess and have some fun. The manfriend has deemed himself the Official "Taste Tester" of the evening. Watch it, manfriend, I'm gunning to eat as many cookies as this stomach will hold (and it can hold a lot). 

Some things make the season feel "right" and baking and decorating cookies is one of them for me. I think I've purposely NOT been baking too many sweets in anticipation of Christmas cookie fun.  

What are your favorite holiday cookies? My favs include: gingerbread men (or any type of ginger molasses cookie), jam sandwich cookies and pb blossoms - duh.

Need some more cookie recipe ideas? Real Simple sent out a link to 50 easy Holiday & Christmas cookies this week. Happy weekend!

Good luck to anyone finishing up any shopping or holiday planning! I have a few gifts to wrap, but this year is a little more low key as I'm trying not to spend much $. During Christmas, I often find myself buying stuff just to buy it for others. Instead, I'm making fewer, more focused purchases and being okay with not giving everything I'd like to give.  


I have one gift left to get, and I will be buying it tomorrow. :) Then I am done!

My fave Christmas cookies are gingerbread men and pb blossoms. My aunt is buying some GF pb blossoms for me at a GF bakery this weekend. Can't wait to have some next weekend when I go home for Christmas (I am making myself save them until then!).

This weekend I am making dough balls. And also banana bread, which is not a holiday treat, but I have alot of frozen bananas that I want to use up!
J said…
Ugg I have so many gifts still to get. Guess I will be battling the crowds tomorrow! Have fun baking cookies! I love making Christmas cookies!
Liz said…
I love gingerbread men, too! I think I'm going to make some on Christmas Eve!
i feel like i haven't had nearly enough gingerbread this season...i recently made these figgy pudding cookies and they've been a big hit!
Actually now that I think about it baking really does make it feel more like Christmas! I made peppermint fudge and brownies on Friday night and then just finished making a double batch of dough balls tonight!

Hope you had fun baking cookies, I didn't plan a baking night with friends this year like I did last year and kind of regret it. Baking is always more fun WITH people!
Hah, I love the challenge to the Mf. Bring it!

Um, Pb blossoms?? That sounds like my kind of cookie. We always cut, baked and decorated sugar cookies - it's a fun, sugary tradition :)

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