Weekend in Photos: Holiday Style

The weekend went by pretty fast being that I had to work from 8 am to 3 pm on Saturday at an event. But like most weekends, there was still a flurry of exercise, activity, good food and some relaxation. Oh and the Ducks beat UCLA on Friday - we're off to the Rose Bowl!

Morning runs both Saturday and Sunday - the manfriend and I ran 9 miles (including some hilly trail) on Sunday!

Peanut Butter Blossoms - you need to make these this holiday season. They're amazing when warm. I had five on Sunday.

We bought and put up our fake Charlie Brown size tree!

I'm kind of surprised we got a fake tree, but it will be nice to have for future years. I absolutely love the smell of real pine needles and having a real tree in the house, but this year I wanted something smaller so this one works. And I think it turned out pretty well despite being plastic and all. ;)

My mom used to read The Polar Express to us every Christmas. It holds this magical place in my heart and I finally bought a copy for myself. 

In true holiday spirit, I even busted out my old boom box to listen to my Amy Grant Christmas tape --> nerd alert! Then I moved on to Bing Crosby and Mariah Carey on CDs.

What is your favorite thing, food, activity that you can't live without during the holidays? 


missris said…
I can't live without the Mariah Carey Christmas album. I also must have peppermint bark and spiked hot chocolate, mmmm.
Love your Christmas tree! We aren't doing one this year since we're going home for Christmas and I admit it makes me a little sad and it's harder to get into the Christmas spirit. BUT all our decorations are in storage in FSJ and we don't have the money to buy new ones. I am planning on getting them the next time we drive home (probably next summer/fall) so we can definitely have decorations next year!!

I am definitely going to make those cookies soon. They look SO good!
Leigh said…
It was so snowy here this weekend that running was out of the question! More like snow shoeing :)

Love how your tree turned out! I think it looks pretty good for being a fake one
Run Jess Run said…
That's a really nice pic of you and Manfriend by the tree:)
J said…
I had to work Saturday too! NO fun! I hate how the weekend always goes too quickly! Love your tree! SO cute!
I have to have a tree up in my condo! Mine is fake. I grew up with fake trees, though, as my mom the clean freak could not handle the pine needles dropping and such!

Also, I always have to have an annual gingerbread house decorating party! It used to be a cookie decorating party but then i found out about my gluten intolerance and I didn't want to decorate cookies i couldn't eat, so it segued into a gingerbread decorating party!
Lindsey said…
GO DUCKS! So exciting.

Those cookies look amazing. Your tree looks great!

The last couple of years I have watched Love Actually in December and it always puts me in the holiday spirit! I think I need to watch it soon.
Rose Bowl!! Awesome :)

We have a plastic tree, too - it's actually something I'm used to, because the NM air is too dry for real trees (unless you wait until right before Xmas and water it like crazy). So we always had a fake one growing up. We did a real one in College and I realized how great that smell is :) But yeah, for now (in a small apartment), plastic it is!
I love that you broke out the boombox. I think we always have to listen to some Bing Crosby and the other day I had an Alvin and the Chipmunks song in my head.
Barbara said…
Just now found your blog. LOVE IT!!!
Barbara said…
It's not Christmas for me if I don't make "Never Fail Fudge" (it's on the back of the Fluff container) and Toll House cookies (with red and green m&m's instead of chocolate chips) !!

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