Philly or Bust!

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Yesterday was an eaaarly one for me. I woke up at 5:40 am and fit in a quick 20 min at home boot camp/strength workout before getting ready to head to the airport. It always makes me a happier traveler to get a little sweat on before I sit my rear in an airplane seat for hours on end.

My flight took me from Eugene to San Fran and then to Philadelphia. There were some beautiful views outside my window...

until we arrived in Philly where a thunderstorm was underway. Thank goodness for awesome pilots! We had to sit on the runway for a while just waiting for the storm to pass so we could drive to the gate.

I started Violets of March on the plane and couldn't put it down. I'm already 200 pages in so you could say I like it a bit.

Today was another early one (because I'm crazy). I was hoping to crank out a 20 miler as my last LONG run for the McKenzie River 50K trail run. I left the hotel around 6:20 am and headed in the wrong direction for a bit until I rerouted and found the river. I finished 15 miles in about 2 hrs.

I raced back to the hotel, showered up and it was time for the Frito Lay taste test kitchen demo. We went to the Terminal Market for the much to see, smell and taste.

I'll post more about the test kitchen demo when we get photos back from the Frito Lay folks! The Terminal Market was so busy and so many things for sale - food of every kind, flowers, books, candles, you name it!

Okay, off to lunch! I think we're going back to the market to scrounge up something from one of the many vendors.


I'm glad you are having so much fun already!!! I definitely want to go to this next year.
Leigh said…
Sounds like you are having so much fun already! I am going to live through you :)
Oh fun! What a great trip for you. Nice work on the 15 miler - great pace, lady. That market looks amazing. I want to go there!

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