Okay, I Miss the Gym

It finally hit me on Tuesday that I miss the gym. I let my gym membership go just before spring started because I was doing so much running I didn't have time to hit up the gym and stay sane.

But as much as I'm able to get my own cross training, yoga and strength on at home, on my bicycle or at Lifeforce, I simply enjoy being at the gym. Maybe it's because my dad brought us there at a young age, but I just feel at home in a gym. Some days I just want to hop on a machine rather than really think much about what I'm going to do, and others I want to select a specific weight routine to work on certain things.

Reading about Julie of Peanut Butter Fingers and Tina of Faith Fitness Fun's gym routines lately have really had me aching to get back in the gym. I think I'll hold out until fall, but it's going to be tough.

A few years ago I wouldn't have thought I could maintain a balanced fitness practice withOUT the gym, but now I know that if you have enough equipment (yoga mat, dumbbells, balance ball) and fun options (yogadownload, fitnessista circuits, Jillian dvds) at home, you'll be juuuust fine.

Overall, I still love exercising outdoors the most, but I think this is my mind's way of telling me my body is ready to step back a few notches on the running spectrum and just enjoy some balance in life.

When I think about it (and look back at my dailymile log), my mileage has been pretty high since March or so training for and running the Peterson Ridge Rumble, Beaver Freezer Tri, Eugene Marathon and soon the McKenzie River Trail 50K and Victoria Marathon. Yeesh! Looks like I have just 60 days before I get some well deserved rest.

What's the hardest thing in your life to balance (fitness related or not)?


I kind of miss the gym too. I liked going and busting out some hardcore weight routines and I LOVE the classes offered at the gym (like spin!!) miss spin so much!

I am holding out till fall/winter too, though. Now that I'm not a student it's just too darn expensive to do year round. Plus Eric and I have a nice little home gym set up and I actually busted out a pretty good upper body workout in there this morning!
I cancelled my gym membership, too. I have a gym in my building, though, which is actually really, really nice, but I mis being able to go to classes like body pump! But I like not paying for that membership!

You have had a big running year so far - and 2 big events ahead of you! Seems like this has been a good training cycle for you and you've been injury free which is always a good thing! :)
Summer is definitely the time to be outside and enjoy the other options - the gym will always be there when you're ready for it ;)

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