Flyin' By

The problem with being busy is that you never have time to rest. Add 50K trail + marathon training to any sort of fun, summer weekend plans and you have yourself one heck of a packed life. I've still yet to see my good friend's newborn baby because I haven't found the 5 hrs in my life to do so (driving included).

But in the midst of it all, I'm trying to soak up the summer because I simply need it. It's the one time of year that I allow myself to feel like a kid again, even if it is only for the weekends. Summer means campfires, barbecues, flip flops and shorts, riding bikes as the sun goes down, music, refreshing beer on a patio, wheat fields...I could go on forever.

This summer has been awesome, but the one thing I'd wish for overall, is that it slow the heck down.

I want to do a little more...


listening to music outside (Amos Lee was the perfect way to spend our Sunday evening, btw)

hiking and taking in beautiful places with this guy

and so much more. There are recipes to be baked, girls nights to be had, bike dates to enjoy and camping not done. What summer things are you hoping to fit in over the next month or so?

Oh and I leave Thursday morning for the Healthy Living Summit! Who needs time to sleep, rest, do projects around the house, rest for the next work week, etc?

Fitting in marathon training while on the move - you know I'll be doing just that! I'm planning to bust out 20-24 miles for my FINAL long run before McKenzie River Trail 50K while in Philadelphia on Friday. Then Saturday I'll be running again with a bunch of other marathoning bloggers and maybe the 5K blogger fun run on Sunday.

So, I haven't talked about the Healthy Living Summit much, but I'm really excited about it. I've wanted to go the past few years and this year I just did it. Sometimes, if you really want something, you just have to go for it and not overanalyze the whole shabang.

On a final random note - I finally joined the rest of the connected world and upgraded to a DROID smartphone today. I like being connected, but it may take some time to decide how much I love having another thing to distract me. Sorry for the rambling post. I guess that's a true sign of how fast things are racing around in my mind.


A said…
I totally love your blog! I love your nature photos, makes me forget the hustle and bustle of the city :) I live in Asia, our wilderness / nature is very different compared to yours, so it's really nice to see different photos, like the snow covered mountains and pine trees :D Keep it up!

You're going to have SO MUCH fun at HLS. I'm going to try really hard to make it happen next year!

And yes, this summer is flying by. It's crazy!
Jennifer said…
I do not even want to begin looking back on the summer. I am so not ready for the cold or the 26.2 on my plate on 11.06.
Hooray for getting a droid!! I hope you love it as much as I love my iPhone!!

I would love to do the HLS some day! The good thing about that trip is that the people there, or whoever you room with, totally will get that you need to get your training runs in. Granted, most of your friends probably understand this, but sometimes non-runners don't really understand why we have to stick to a schedule at times...

This summer is fly by for me, too. I had maybe 2 week nights free the entire month of August? It's great to be busy, but I am sort of exhausted...

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