21 Miles Done

Today's trail run along the McKenzie River was a definite success! I attribute the great run with all these practice runs on the trail, the Cascade Lakes Relay and the cooler temps.

I've decided that my goals for the McKenzie River Trail Run 50K (Sept. 10) will be: to run as much as I can, stay positive, stop at the aid stations and make sure to fuel appropriately and walk when I need to. This trail mentality makes it easier for me to enjoy these runs. I took a few walk breaks when I needed them both mentally and physically.

I tested out my new Montrail Badrock's today that just arrived in the mail yesterday. Luckily, they worked out really well and I'm very happy with my decision!

They worked great on rocky and soft trail. My feet were happy campers.

Just a peak at the trail - I should have brought my camera on the run because we go past so many gorgeous waterfalls.

Three of us all finished ~21 miles. Now we just need to survive 10 more on race day.

The awesomeness that is the dirt sock line.

Sporting the Cascade Lakes Relay race shirt and a successful post run smile

I hope you're enjoying your Saturday! Happy trails!


You're amazing. The farthest I've ever gone on the trails was my 16.5 mile hell run and it makes me never want to run that long or far on the trails ever again!

Glad you like the new trail shoes - my montrail trail shoes made ALL the difference for me!!
That's some mileage! I admire distance on trails, they're so tough.
Nice work! I am super impressed by you trail runners. I think it would be so tough and I'd have to sort of throw out all expectations! You are a rock star!
Daaaaamn, that is one heckuva run, girl :) Love how pumped you look afterward - that's a great sign!
Lindsey said…
I'm glad your run went so well! You guys look so happy and you don't even look like you just ran 21 miles of trail!
jen said…
Great job! What a treat to run on the course. Can you describe the trail at all- like is it very smooth or super rocky/root-y? Many hills? Would love your first-hand insight! Thanks and keep up the great training!!
Britton said…
Hi there!! I just came across your blog through PB Fingers! Congrats on your 21 mile trail run!! That is so awesome!!! I am also a distance runner and I have this burning desire to purchase my first bike, but I just haven't bit the bullet and researched them yet!! Look forward to reading more!!
Jen and others - the trail is fairly flat, but varies quite a bit. There are some lava rocks and roots to deal with around clear lake and then a lot more south of blue pool. And best of all, so many beautiful views of waterfalls, the river, big blue pools of water, trees, etc.

Britton - Thanks for stopping by! You should definitely go for the bike purchase. You won't regret it. I bought a road bike two summers ago and love using it for cross training and seeing some beautiful country roads that I wouldn't get to see on my runs. I have a Trek Madone that I love. Definitely do some research and ride several bikes to figure out what you like and what fits best.

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