Savvy sweet with a side of veggies

When I saw Savvy Julie's post on these apple cinnamon donut muffins, I wanted one pronto. I'll be honest, I wanted a donut, but I've yet to track down one of those Wilton donut pans in Eugene (get with it Bed, Bath and Beyond!).

I decided to take a little twist on these muffins and cook up some apple chunks and mix them into the batter. I sauteed them in a little butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. I always like having something real inside a muffin besides the usual flour and sugar.

These adorable spring Wilton muffin papers had me head over heels. Found them on sale at my grocery store a few weeks ago.

I highly recommend adding the olive oil + cinnamon/sugar topping. I opted not to fill these muffins with spiced apple butter or some kind of jam, but it would have definitely added a little sweetness.

These are not super sweet and taste great warm with a little almond butter on top and a cold glass of milk. I froze about half the batch so we can heat them up some day in the future. But honestly, I'm still aching to make some real donuts.

In the midst of all the baking I did last weekend, I made sure to balance all that sweetness out with some fresh veggies and my Saturday market goods (greens and walnut fig goat cheese).

After all of my baking this weekend and Easter brunch + candy on top of that, Monday was a total detox day for me. That meant no junk food, a beefy salad for lunch and crockpot chili for dinner. I almost feel back in balance.

Did anyone watch The Voice last night? One of my already favorite singers, Javier Colon was on. Just pop over to listen to his voice. He's going to go somewhere with his music career.


I saw a Donut Pan at Crate & Barrel last time we were in there (i.e. two weeks ago)! Maybe you could order one on there?

either way, those muffins are so cute and better than a donut in my opnion! ;) I've been on a lunch-salad kick this week too, definitely feeling the need for a veggie-overdose.
Yum - those veggies look delish. As do the baked goods but given the choice, I think I'd choose that bowl of veggies over the muffins. I am weird like that! :P

I did not watch the voice but I heard good things about it!

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