On what I'm coveting this moment

Toms in Olive Canvas or the Silver Glitters

Moving Comfort sports bras (Juno and Charity styles)

A European Adventure (like STAT)! It's quickly moving up to my #1 on the list of things I should be saving for. Kristen's guest post on Peanut Butter Fingers yesterday has me aching to go back.

Manfriend, are you packed yet?

The adorable touch screen ipod nano

What items are you loving right now? Do you mull over your purchases or are they usually impulse buys? Do you budget a specific amount per month of fun $$?

At all times, it's likely I have a number of things I want, but ultimately I make a purchase on one of the items that I just can't get out of my head. I'm curious on how you guys spend money because I'm listening to this interesting book on cd, All Your Worth and it talks a lot about how to budget and how much you should set aside for your "must haves," "savings" and "wants." I plan to do a review of it when I'm finished.

As always, happy rainy Friday! I'm so ready for nice spring weather to arrive. The cold temps and drizzle get to be a bit much come April.


Michelle said…
Oh man, I want a pair of Tom's shoes SO bad but I can't get myself to pull the trigger. How cute would those shoes look with a pair of capri pants and a flowery summer tank top? Ahh!!!
Ohhhhh. Vernazza. Lauren you just made my heart ache a little bit.

In just over a week it will have been a year since Eric and I left for Europe.

A YEAR! How is that possible? I think about it almost every day.

I'm dying to go back to Europe but there are also a million other places I'm dying to visit around the world. Right now there are discussions of a Central America (Costa Rica) trip or Europe (Scotland/England/Ireland and maybe Paris again) for our honeymoon. We can't decide!
D & mine's budget has changed SO MUCH over the past 8 months (usually each change is for the better when you start at "unemployed" haha), I have no idea what we spend on "fun" stuff right now. I do know that it's probably a little too much...and they are almost always impulse buys, rarely thought out. Not that we make any crazy-big purchases, but we both sort of "updated" our wardrobes, and I stocked up on lulu before leaving, obviously. ;)

Those nano Ipods are SO CUTE.
I do not have a specific amount that I set aside for "fun"... I sort of have an idea of an amt that I won't let my bank account dip below and I left that sort of dictate my choices. I set money aside in savings every month but besides that, I am not so greaet at actually budgeting....

I tend to really think about big purchases, whether it's a big trip to Europe or a new piece of technology, like a computer or iPod... But I am pretty spontaneous when it comes to other purchases like clothes or other smaller ticket items!
Gidget said…
I just got the Tom's Shoes! I'm a little bit in love! They have a pair of wedges that I'm coveting!
Lindsey said…
I want a pair of Toms too! I need to work them into my budget soon. I would also love to go back to Europe. It's not going to happen this year, but hopefully next year!

I mull over my purchases for sure. I don't set aside fun money, but I try to monitor how much I'm spending and keep it to a minimum. It doesn't always work :)
Raquelita said…
I totally want a pair of Tom's and a European adventure! I thought I might try to squeeze in a research trip to Spain this summer on my own dime, but plane ticket prices are outrageous right now.

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