I bet ya didn't guess...

Tagalongs were the goodies I made on Tuesday night! Sues and Chels of We are Not Martha will never steer you wrong in the kitchen. Lisa, nice guess about the peanut butter cups! You were close.

After seeing this recipe at We Are Not Martha a few months ago, I've been dreaming of making them. Then Girl Scout cookie season came and we had more than our fair share of chocolate cookies around the house and office. But this week, I was looking for something more than just your basic chocolate chip cookie...

Homemade Tagalongs
Recipe via We Are Not Martha and Babble

A few notes: I made the half recipe using just one stick of butter as Sues instructs you may do. I highly recommend using creamy Skippy Natural peanut butter for this recipe and using both semi sweet and bittersweet chocolate to melt. Oh and be extra generous with the peanut butter on each cookie. You'll thank me later.

Don't worry, after devouring a few, these were immediately put into "his" and "hers" ziplocks in the fridge and freezer. Lord knows I won't be letting the manfriend have his paws on my stash. :)

While these cookies do take a few steps, none of them were particularly hard. It took probably 90 minutes in total, including mixing, freezing the dough, melting the chocolate, etc. Call a good friend and catch up while you make these top notch cookies. Your spouse, roommate, belly and kids will thank you later.


Nice work! The man friend is very lucky to have you! Love that you portioned them out into his & hers! ;)
"His and Hers" ziplocs - ha! Smart, because boys can certainly gobble up cookies quicker than we can ;)
siri said…
Look at you with your fancy Silpat, homemade Girl Scout Cookies (need I mention that KitchenAid?) These look fab, kind of makes me want one and it's only 10am.

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