Happy Pancake Friday!

Does anyone else kick off the weekend with an extra special breakfast before work? Pancakes are often my go to for Friday mornings.

Guess which toppings are mine vs. the manfriend's...

In an effort to pump up the protein, I mixed up a separate batch to the manfriend's all Trader Joe's buttermilk pancake mix.

My pumped up pancake recipe: 1/3 TJ's buttermilk pancake mix, 1/3 cup oats, 1/4 cup whole wheat flour, 1/2 scoop protein powder, 1 egg, 1 cup milk, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 T chia seed/flax seed mix.

Before the pancakes, I kicked off the day with a little strength in the form of a circuit workout a la Fitnessista to get these arms rockin'! What I really like about the Bridal Bootcamp 2010 workout is that it mixes in 3 sets of 5 minute cardio blasts in the middle. That cardio paired with weight lifting really helps burn the fat!

I opted to set up the bike trainer and spin away during the cardio blasts. It was a lot of fun and my arms were pretty sore on these supersets!

In the next few months, I'll feature more arm and ab focused workouts in the attempt to get toned for one of my best friend's weddings (and summer in general). But don't worry, I'll still be doing plenty of running. After all, Michelle and I (and a whole slew of my local running crew) got accepted into the McKenzie River Trail Run in Sept - 31 miles of trail!

And with that, enjoy your Friday! I'm running the King Estate 5k tomorrow afternoon. I can already taste that complimentary glass of wine. Any fun Friday or weekend plans on your books?


You signed up for an ULTRA?! Dang, big adventure coming your way!

Happy weekend! We traveled down to NM ( last minute trip ) to see the Fam, doing half the drive last night to split up the trip. It's been so nice to be home :)
Yum! Way to treat yourself to a fun breakfast! I made an egg or 2 more days, usually over easy with my fave GF bread. Great way to start the day! I only have pancakes when I am at my parents, but I love them - they are such a treat and there are some great GF mixes out there!

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