The daunting task (of selecting an email subject)

Question for you:

When you say write an email to a friend asking how life is going, how do you choose your subject line?

These are the emails to friends who live a fair distance from you and therefore you want a total life update - career, life, running, babies, trips, etc. Well, if you're nosy like me anyway.

I find these emails can get a bit long (I'm verbose) and cover a WIDE range of topics (see above). I often struggle with selecting a cute/witty/sensible subject. I mean, I can't label it "running" when it's not JUST about running. Often, I find myself writing "life update," "howdy ho!" or simply the day of the week. None of these make my inner journalistic self happy and yet, I can't think of anything better.

Sometimes, witty (and probably only funny to me) phrases come to mind but I think "eh, she won't get it" or "why be humorous when the whole email tone is serious?" I don't know. It's quite possible that I over think the simple task of choosing an appropriate subject line. But all the same, I'd like your input.

On another note, I made something very drool worthy last night. I'll give you a hint: it involves peanut butter, powdered sugar, melted chocolate and utilizing your freezer. More to come on that...

Thank you for everyone's encouragement on the trail race! It's clear that you guys enjoy these race reports. I guess that means I'll have to find something else to sign up for. But don't worry, I'm already registered for a 5K on April 23rd that involves a free glass of wine at the finish line!

How do you choose your email subject lines? And any guesses on what I made last night?


My guess is that you made peanut butter balls or homemade reese's peanut butter cups?

I never come up w/ clever subject lines. I just usually use things like "Checking In". Which is boring/drab, but does the trick!
Lindsey said…
I over think things like email subjects too. I usually pick something that I'm writing about and go with that, even though the email is about lots of other things.

I really want to run the King Estate 5K but I won't be able to run yet. Enjoy! It sounds like it will be a fun one.
Teresa said…
I personally love it when I see a "howdy ho" in my e-mail box ;) But seriously, I can never think of anything either. I usually just put in "HI!" or "What's up?" I think it's the message that matters most anyways ;)
Ooh, glad to hear I'm not the only one who flies with boring snoring subject lines.

T- Glad to hear you like "howdy ho" because I always enjoy writing it. There's something about imagining a southern twang that brings a smile to my face.
Gidget said…
I almost always just title these types of emails "Hi, Friend." Short, simple, friendly and to the point :)

In fairness, I have a horrible habit of forgetting to include a subject line and thinking I'll get back to it later and then sending without it. Thank goodness for Gmail's prompt!
Phill Wheeled said…
Most of the time I'm boring with my titles. For a laugh I used to use chat up lines but it wasn't till a while later I found they were deleted without being read... They thought they were virus emails

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