What I'm loving this week...

I appreciated my ability to rest for a few days when I was sick. Marathon training is going to start shortly and I know my body needs to be in tip top shape for that mileage.

I really liked A's skirt and low slung belt this week. It just feels summery and fun, yet put together.

I was humored when I asked my running coach for suggestions on my hamstring tightness and she said that 75% of women who think they have a hamstring issue actually have a hip misalignment that can be corrected by a chiropractor or physical therapist. Manfriend swears by chiros so it looks like that's where I might be heading shortly.

I loved this girl's attitude. Who would spend their day in a bad mood if you said an affirmation like this each morning??

I don't love that J.Crew shipped my package of adorable cropped pants and jacket to Lake Forest, IL where I do not, have not and most likely will not ever live. J.Crew, step it up.

And finally, I love that it's Friday and I have a no stress sunny weekend ahead. Manfriend will be bike racing, I'll be spectating, we'll be hiking, I'll be running and we'll be bbqing.

What are you loving?


There is lots to love this week, isn't there?

I love that no one made fun of me for turning to the internet for outfit advice.

I love that everyone scarfed up the black bean & corn pico de gallo I brought to work yesterday for treat day. I was worried no one would like it but came home with an empty bowl. Success!

I love that the forecast is full of warm temps & sunny skies. Summer is here! :)
I love that it is a long weekend and that I get to enjoy some beach time with the family!
Hmmmm. I love that I'm not TOO sick anymore? Haha. I'm in kind of a downer mood this week. I'm hoping the sun will shine this weekend (and the rain will GO AWAY) to pick up my spirits!!
Cutest video ever..."I like my haircut"!
D said…
I agree with L-Train, but of course I would definitely recommend a PT! Even have a few in mind. PTs are musculoskeletal experts. :) We should chat on Monday.
Omg that video was awesome. That definitely deserved some Love :)

Good luck to the Manfriend and his bici race!

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