Seriously the best buns you'll ever taste

Today I bring you...May Day Buns at the end of May!

Thanks to the Transplanted Baker, I had the opportunity to test my hand at dare I say the best baked good I've ever made? Well, the sweet potato cheesecake with maple whipped cream comes pretty close, but for a pastry, these May Day Buns are not to be dismissed.

Why you ask? Well friends, I must profess that it's all in the cardamom (and the sour cream and blueberries). Before Sunday, I'd not touched a recipe with cardamom. I ran to the store (literally) and bought 1 tablespoon of the stuff because and entire container was $15. This spice I tell you is quite strong when you first take a whif, but baked in, it's truly something amazing.

But first, you must be patient. There is lots of dough rising time necessary.

And don't skimp on the butter. I'm usually guilty of such an act, but not this time.

The recipe called for straight blueberries, but because I was using mine from a Costco bag of blueberries, raspberries and marionberries, I allowed some of the other berries to sneak in.

Before baking with a little sugar sprinkled on top...

Piping hot from the oven...

Once you pop one of these into your mouth, you'll be happy you spent a few days babysitting this dough. I honestly proclaimed that this was the tastiest pastry I'd ever made with my own two hands. The pairing of sour cream with blueberries and cardamom is something divine.

What is your favorite pastry that you can make yourself or that buy at your favorite bakery? Oh and I forgot to mention that these things are really healthy. Hello...sour cream (calcium) and blueberries (fruit and antioxidants). Nevermind the butter.

Who else is happy it's almost FRIDAY?! Doing anything fun this weekend? We Oregonians are just hoping this monsoon breaks sometime before Memorial Day Weekend. And I wouldn't mind a little sunshine and a hike.


Mmmm, those do look good. I am trying to remember if I even have cardamom in my spice cupboard... I am guessing not because I would think I'd notice spending $15 on a spice!!
Run Jess Run said…
Try cardamom in oatmeal cookies. It's totally worth the splurge!
I'm in LOVE with cardamom! Those look so good. Maybe this Saturday morning...late lazy breakfast...mmmm!
Anonymous said…
I've never even heard of Cardamom? I don't think?! Which obviously means I must try this recipe :) The buns + berries DO look delicious!

We're also hoping the rain holds out here in DC - tonight's not looking good, but the rest of the weekend should be spent outdoors in the sunshine & at the free Pools ;)
Jess LC said…
These look amazing! AND easy enough for even me to attempt :).

Have a great long weekend!
siri said…
Good work, my friend! Did you use whole wheat pastry flour, by chance? Skimping on the butter would be a total disaster and no-no. And what's with all these cardamom virgins? I put it in EVERYTHING. Waffles, bread, pies, etc....
Sassy Molassy said…
Siri-Yes, I did use whole wheat pastry flour bc that's all I have at the moment. Cardamom is awesome. I will be using it more frequently. Love the flava!

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