I love my ducks

It's official. We're off to Pasadena! Last night's game was crazy exciting and this girl got an early birthday present.

Well, it's a busy day around these parts. Good thing I got an early 30 min run in with the dog this morning! No time for a trip to the gym, much less a lunch break.

I'm headed off to Portland this evening with the man and his friend for a big cyclocross race tomorrow morning. We're staying at my brother's apartment, stopping by Hopworks brewery for packet pickup and dinner and then hitting the hay. Hope everyone has a fun weekend ahead!

PS-Want a few fun healthy meal/snack ideas to make for your favorite athlete (or even yourself)? I just got these recipes in my inbox from Active.com!


Anonymous said…
YESSS!!! The Rose Bowl is not an event to be missed :) You'll have so much fun!!
My co-worker also is a huge Ducks fan and will be going to the bowl game. He was so excited!!

My best go to snacks is trail mix. It's so simple but is so good, travels easy, and keeps for a long time. I make mine w/ mixed nuts, craisins and some m&ms usually.

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