Cccccrunch time (and peanut butter blossoms)!

It's that time again...presents frantically being wrapped/purchased, goodies to be baked, festive outfits assembled, hot cider to be mulled, and cheer to be passed around! Last night I had my first dose of the crunch. This is the first year I've been so prepared and I'm not sure why. It may be in part that I decided to pass on doing xmas cards this year and I set a small budget for each person I was buying for. Once that was reached, I was done. It worked not only for my wallet, but saved time!

But last night I stayed up late finishing a little craft project I've neglected for way too long. This isn't your standard holiday themed decoupaging or button wreaths, but rather a wedding album I had intended to finish for a friend two summers ago...when she got married. I know, EEKS! Needless to say, it was high time I got that puppy finished and outta my hands.

Since tonight is our Christmas get together with the high school gang, I decided this was a perfect time to SET a deadline. So I printed photos a few weeks ago and spent a few final hours on it last night. I'm sure she'll be happy to have the album. Better late than never, eh?! The cool thing about it is that I included photos from their childhoods through meeting each other in college, the engagement, and finally the wedding weekend festivities.

I nearly forgot to tell you that I also baked a nice batch of peanut butter blossoms. I'll link to last year's photo since that's pretty much what they looked like! These things are delicious! I can't wait to give them away. :)

Per the usual, there's (almost) never an excuse for not getting in a good workout! Yesterday, it was a 30 min run before work and then 75 min of yoga after work. This morning, I woke up at 6:30 to fit in a short (17 min) run with the dog and then hopped straight on the trainer (for my bike) for another 23 min sweat session. Now I'm just trying to figure out how I'll fit in that speed workout our coach has assigned us, prior to going to work tomorrow. Maybe I'll wait and do it in the afternoon. We'll see! Happy Christmas/New Year preparations!


Have a great Christmas with the manfriend, lady!!

Those cookies look SOOOO GOOD!!!
Jo said…
I am making Peanut Butter cookies too! I was thinking about adding choclate but wasn't too sure.

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