pacing your lungs, your legs and your friends

Nearly a week off from running (whoops! I barely noticed) had me huffing and puffing last night and my legs saying "whaaat is this?" Ok, well I ran 4 miles last Saturday in the EARLY morn so I could get to work/the football game by 830am. SO, I guess I had run once since last Wednesday, but still. Sunday's 75 miler had my knees and low back aching a bit, but I'm helping to pace my friend during the last 6 miles of her marathon this Sunday so last night I thought "dang, I better run!"

I met the group at Nike and a friend wanted to run together. Great, I thought. He won't want to run ahead when I'm dying. Sure enough, we had to stop three different times for a minute or two so I could get my breathing under control. I always feel bad about holding people up, but he wanted a running buddy so...not my problem. :)

He headed off to do an extra two mile loop, while I headed back to the store, ran an extra mile or so around the block and did some serious stretching. Even though my legs and lungs weren't quite up for the run, it felt good to push it and finish nearly six miles.

As for pacing, I'm actually REALLY excited. My friend J and I are almost the same speed. Just a few weeks ago she called to see if I wanted to run the full marathon w/ her bc her training partner had dropped out and was already registered. I had to pass on that (could not run a marathon when I'm only in shape enough to finish about 10 mi). I mean sure, I probably could SURVIVE, but couldn't keep up with her and she really wants the encouragement at the end. Has anyone else hopped in the end of a marathon to help a friend? I'm really looking forward to it! My first marathon was the Portland Marathon and it's a great race!

P.S. Today's TIART topic was brought to us by Trials of Training! Check it out! I think there are so many aspects of a race/marathon that make it enjoyable. So far, my most enjoyable has been Nashville Country Music 1/2 Marathon thanks to its location, AWESOME fans, free post race concert by major artist, awesome recovery food, the course and the city of Nashville!


Anonymous said…
Jumping in at mile 20? I think that's such a great idea! I might have to do some recruiting and see if I can find someone to do that for me during the first 26.2 ;) haha I'll need it!!!

Thanks for the shoutout!! Nashville sounds like a blast - that's Definitely on my list of "races to do!"
That is awesome that you will get to do those last 6 miles with her. I could have used someone during the final 6.2 of my marathon back in '06. I was a hurting unit by that point!

I want to do a marathon again - looking at doing another one next fall and can't wait! :)
I can't wait to do a marathon!!! I definitely plan on doing one in 2010!

I think it would be really sweet to have someone run the last 6.2 miles, I would think that would be when you need the most encouragement!

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