Fall Photo Fun

Friday morning I woke up at 6am, grabbed the dog and went for a short 15 min jog. Then, we got back to the house and the man and I were headed off for a special morning adventure...breakfast at Stockman's Cafe! This was special because we have been wanting to make a trip to the local farmers' joint for quite some time.

As you would imagine, the interior was filled with old booths, apples on the window curtains and country music playing on the radio. The man ordered a big ole breakfast skillet filled with meat, eggs, homefries and gravy. I opted for the breakfast sandwich of ham, eggs, cheese and tomato inside toasted bread. Then we split a HUGE (bigger than the plate) flapjack and of course had coffee on the side. Fun stuff!

The waitress was a bit shocked to see us because we weren't her "regulars," but we explained that the man lived just down the road a bit and we had wanted to try the restaurant for a while now. And sure enough, about 10 minutes later a whole pack of ten or so farmers walked in searching for a hearty breakfast! Truly a countrified Friday morning!

Saturday, it was another 6 AM wakeup call and this time a 4 mile run in the dark before showering and getting ready to get on the road. I headed up to watch cyclocross on a pumpkin patch! It was such a perfect fall day.

Heiser Family Farm

Think you have enough wheels there? Ok, some of them are his buddies'...

1st place in his category for most of the race-the running uphill stuff is hard!

Heiser family's home...so pretty

Look at that view from the farm!

Finished and happy with 3rd place!

After the man finished, we preceded to walk all over the property and race course, purchase some hot cider (yum!) and carmel corn, test out the kiddie slide, watch a few pumpkins being launched, and look at the animals (horse, goats, baby chicks, etc). It made me want to go to my pumpkin patch at home, buy some pumpkins and apples and sit at home on a cool fall evening carving pumpkins while drinking a beer. Soooo excited for fall and the holidays!


Oh fun! What a great fall weekend. And props to the man for doing so well!
Anonymous said…
Oh, that breakfast sounds Amazing! I probably would've gone with the "biscuits 'n gravy" - that's my country side poking out ;)

I love how active you two are!
Kristin said…
How funny--I googled Stockman's Cafe to see where such a yummy sounding place might be, saw it was Junction City OR (I assume it's the same Stockman's Cafe). Moments later we drove past Junction City en route to Eugene for the weekend! Hmmm...I wonder if I could wangle a breakfast stop on the way home Sunday? :)

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