fair weather runner?

Last night I left work dressed in running shorts, a tshirt and a long sleeve. As I dropped off some items to get dry cleaned it started to rain. The air was getting cooler and I didn't have running pants with me. And most importantly, I wasn't feeling the running in the rain thing.

So, instead of stopping by the store to go on a dark run with the group, I turned around and headed to the gym. I cranked out 4.5 miles on the treadmill and spent 10 min doing weights. I spent my time wondering if maybe I could get by an entire winter doing my runs inside.

Deep down, I don't think it's possible and armed with the right gear, those wet rains are just fine. But being prepared is the key. I suppose winter is almost here and now I just need to get mentally prepared for a series of soggy runs with a baseball cap, spandex pants and gloves.

Are you a fair weather runner? Do you mind using a treadmill during the winter? I don't love the treadmill, but I can manage. I even did an 11 miler once for a training run when the weather was craptastic out. Now THAT took some real dedication.


Ugh - the longest run I've ever done on the treadmill is 5 miles. I hate that thing, the other day I did a quick 2.5 mile run before a weight-lifting class and it was TORTUROUS, only 2.5 miles.

I think I'm going to have to get used to it though because I no longer belong to the gym with an indoor track and I need to get my runs in somehow this winter. I'm going to aim for 1-2 runs outside a week though, and definitely do my longer runs outside.

I think you're totally right, the key is being PREPARED!
Morgan said…
Girl anyone that either runs in the rain or on a treadmill = hardcore to me. Why? Because I refuse to do either.

Get your run on girl...
The furthest I will run on the treadmill is 6 miles. The treadmills at my gym automatically shut off after 60 minutes so I can usually only get a max of 6.5 in, which annoys me. And I think I would go batshit crazy if I ran any longer on it.

Sooo... my goal for the winter is to do shorter runs during the week and get one long run in on Sat or Sun. Which means i need to invest in winter clothes. Because, yah, it can be as cold as -25 w/ the windchill. Or worse. But I need to buck up & maintain some long runs so I am in shape when spring comes along.

I say this now, of course. How it all plays out will be interesting. But hopefully by telling you this - I feel more accountable! ;)

And it gives me an excuse to spend some $$ at the running store!
Sassy Molassy said…
Love your responses ladies!

Amber-Hang in there. I like that you have a goal. I just commit to torturing myself outside as often as possible, but I maintain the gym membership for those evenings when motivation is waning.

Morgan-haha! Way to stick with your guns.

Lisa-I fully support spending more $$ at the running store! Have fun stocking up! Sounds like you have a good winter running plan in store. PS-I totally checked out anthropologie today for their aprons. To.Die.For.
Oh I was DEFINITELY a fair-weather runner about a year ago. I didn't head outside unless it was absolutely gorgeous (which, luckily for me, lasted a while... ;) )

But, I also had a really nice gym that was FREE and accessible most hours of every day. Hmm....not anymore! Now I have a group that's motivating me to keep running outside...at least on Mondays and thursdays ;)

We gotta stock up on our gear, Sass! You're very right - winter is coming way too soon....
amyreinink said…
I go through phases with being a fair-weather runner and being gutsy and just heading out. I hate the treadmill so much, I try to only use it when things are nasty to the point of dangerous outside. And I have to say, when you train in nasty conditions, you're better prepared mentally for race-days when the weather turns out gross!
I don't love the treadmill, but it gets SO cold here in Boston. Plus I trip all the time and things get dangerous for me outside :) However, I don't run super long distances... If I did, I would probably hate the treadmill!

Oscar Yeager said…
I do probably 85% of my running on the treadmill.

I think running under the same conditions all the time on the 'mill keeps you in tune with your progress or lack thereof, and you can learn to tweak your paces and stuff to maximize your efficiency with all the digital readouts.

Outdoors, there are just too many variables that mess with your head as to why you had such a bad day, etc.

Plus I like my big box-fan blowing on me all the time, and if you have to use the bathroom, well let's just say it's easier inside your own home.

When the nice weather arrives and I feel like racing, then I move to outdoor running, to better acclimate to the harder surfaces and other aspects of "real-world" conditions.

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