Two nights of serious cooking down, many to go!

Wed night we arrived home at 8:45PM to an anxious to be fed dog and hungry bellies after 45 miles of cycling. Since I had decided to hitch up the horses and get back on the cooking wagon, I had purchased fresh wild salmon on my lunch hour for dinner. I cooked the salmon about 6 min on each side, using teriyaki/soy sauce marinade with a few slices of onion on top. The man cooked up some brown rice and I made us salads. I highly recommend it for a quick (I need to eat NOW!) kind of meal.

Last night was the night our blue cheese burgers finally made their way to our bellies. I had been talking about making them for some time now and since I don't really eat red meat, it's quite the rare occasion I would cook such a thing. But for people we love, we do things, crazy things, we might not otherwise do. So after picking up organic, 7% fat beef, sweet corn on the cob and whole wheat buns, we were set.

I added a dash of parsley, garlic salt, cracked pepper, red onion and 1-2 oz of blue cheese to the beef and made our patties. The man got the grill ready and I shucked our corn and put it in the pot to boil. I added some spinach, tomato, mustard and ketchup to the bun and our blue cheese was literally oozing from the burgers. Looked and smelled awesome! We also had cheddar kettle chips on the side and I even made organic brownies (from a box) for dessert.

Unfortunately, I didn't take pics of either meal, but they were great! The blue cheese is a bit pungent for me so in the future I'd use goat cheese or something else, but it was fun to check one more meal off the list! I have sooo many recipes just waiting to be cooked in my cooking binder from all the good eats I find from other bloggers, food network and the newspaper. And this doesn't include the cookbooks I've been given over the years. Who has time to make all these fun things?

I'm starting to think planning, shopping and cooking one's meals could be a full time job. Well, maybe that's just because I love the whole process. Not sure where I got it really (and neither is my mom) bc growing up we were lucky if we sat down for dinner together as a family once a week. I remember nights of ham/cheese sandwiches, cereal, or spaghetti leftovers because we were all running in different directions from volleyball practice to soccer to a band concert to...

This morning after such a big dinner last night (too much for my belly that's for sure), I grabbed the dog for a good 20 min run. Then decided to bike it to work because hey why not and the sun was out. Somewhere between there and here, my mouth was open a bit and a bee flew in. YUCK! I immediately spit it right back out, but not before it had a chance to sting the inside of my mouth. Double YUCK! So, my mouth is kind of pulsing, I took an advil, drank some tea and am going to focus on finishing 3-5 high priority things at the office before hitting the road. Then off to Portland I go for some shopping, visiting with the bro, seeing friends, and walking on the waterfront.

Any tasty meals on the horizon? And what's your feel on the analogous color scheme in your wardrobe? Don't worry this word was new to me too. Basically it just means colors close to each other on the color wheel. This morning I thought of the academic chic ladies as I biked to work in an analogous outfit. Two layered cycling tops, one light teal, the other a greenish seafoam. I'm definitely a fan since I get scared of wearing two colors that are way crazy different like red shoes with black pants and a purple top, or something to that nature.

Happy weekend!


haha - I just wore red shoes with a purple top and black pencil skirt to work yesterday!

I LOVE cooking new meals, but you're right, who has the time!! Those burgers sound amazzing! I would love to make them only I'd probably use feta. I HATE blue cheese and Eric HATES goat cheese. SO feta it is, haha!

Have a good weekend! Sounds like you have a fun one planned!

OH and I can't believe you got stung IN THE MOUTH by a bee!!! OW!
ha first of all - I caught that "3-5 high priority things" in there, nice!! :) Hope the little tip is helping!

both of these meals sound awesome! Except I'd definitely go with a different cheese - I am Not a fan of blue cheese. Ehh. Last night I had some leftover grilled chicken but wanted a different spin so I melted some pepperjack cheese on top. YUMMM.

enjoy your weekend! :) and omg OW - I hope your mouth is okay.
magda said…
Your recipes sound delicious! Especially the salmon, oh my goodness, it's making me hungry now. I'm so impressed. I wish I cooked more than I do; I love to cook, but am with you on the planning and the prep; the more time I spend in the kitchen, the more convinced I am that my mom--who is quite the gourmet--must be closer to "goddess" than I'd previously believed : )

Happy cooking and beware of bees! That's pretty scary!
Laura said…
I'll agree with everyone else: pictures are definitely not needed to make my mouth water after hearing about your food! Like Amber, though, I'm not a big blue cheese fan, though I love goat cheese and feta.

As for outfits, I can barely pull together a cute outfit without worrying about the colors fitting together on a color wheel... I think that's just too much for me!

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