A pea coat to work in August. Really?

If I had a never ending amount of sunny, silly, summer weekends left at my disposal, I tell you, they'd all be full. Full of wonderful, marvelous, relaxing things. I've been dreaming of these upcoming weekends I speak of quite a lot and yet, I haven't actually been planning them. I think it's about time the list was written and promptly posted on the fridge.

So if I had as many weekends as I could wish for, this is how I'd fill them:

1. Camping (this could take up many weekends)
2. Brunch/breakfasting it up at all the local favs
3. Oregon Coasting it, sleeping in a yurt and eating crab from a local bistro
4. Wandering through the Saturday Market buying fresh produce, huge bouquets and those fabulous tofu burritos (trust me, delish)
5. Running in the high dessert of Central Oregon near Bend through rocks, trees, dirt paths and along the Deschutes River
6. Picnics in the park
7. Sunrise/sunset hikes
8. Yelling Yeehaw! at a few rodeos (this country girl needs her fill)
9. Visiting all the friends in Portland (this would take a few weekends at least)
10. Taking the manfriend to see the grandparents' cabin
11. Marathon training in time for the Portland Marathon (Oct. 4)
12. Taking long rides with the man through the hills and country roads on the fabulous newish bike
13. Finishing those scrapbooks I promised myself (and others) I'd complete ages ago
14. Documenting it all with my cameras and actually learn how to use their features

Anyone else have a case of the "HOLY CRAP IT'S ALMOST FALL!" out there? This could be partially induced by the fact that I had to wear pants and a pea coat to work today, but besides that, summer is coming to a close much too quickly. I have things to be doing. I better get to it!


I think that's part of a reason I'm in such a funk. Where did the last five months go!!? I honestly CANNOT believe that summer is almost over. Its craziness!
Ha yes! Why is August already here?!! I'm spending another day at the beach and hoooping that fall comes SLOWLY. even though I am Def ready for the temps.

i hope you can cross a good number of things off that list! ;)
Laura said…
This summer has gone WAY too quickly! And while I'm enjoying the marathons I'm doing, it bums me out that basically all my weekends from July to October are completely booked with either marathons or family obligations (like a ton of weddings).
sneakersister said…
I have a case of "I can't wait for Fall to get here, it can't come quick enough!". But, I definitely like the things on your list ... running outside of Bend (I miss that place so much!!), hanging out on the coast, Saturday Market. One of these days I'll be back!

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