My favorite grocery store

I walked into my favorite grocery store last night. The one I miss dearly since I'm often at the manfriend's, yet still paying rent and utilities at the place I don't frequent. I sighed. I used to walk the aisles of this place once, twice and maybe three times a week just taking a gander at their beautiful organic goods, baked section of sin and plethora of wine/beer. And oh, I purchased a few (x 100) things too for my various cooking and baking adventures.

Because these days, I shop at a more generic, less organic-available type grocery store near the man's. It makes me sad. But once I walked into my grocery store, it was time to do some damage. And although Tom's organic apricot deodorant and Ricotta cheese (for the lasagna I'm making tonight) were all I had on the mental list, apparently breakfast was on the brain.

Because this is what I ended up with (and mind you, I already have two opened boxes of fabulous cereal at home, as well as oatmeal and bread for toast)...

24 oz box of honey almond granola - (locally made and YUM, YUM, YUMMY!)
32 oz of nf plain yogurt (locally made!)
1 box of vanilla/almond clustered cereal
1 peach
1 nectarine
Ricotta cheese

Moral of the story is, breakfast is the most important meal. So why go hungry when you could go for the glory!

Today's breakfast: Nancy's nf yogurt, a scoop of granola, a scoop of TJ's flax cereal, a handful of blueberries, 1 diced peace and a dash of cinnamon!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Do you play favorites when it comes to your grocery store or do you just shop where it's cheapest or closest? After my Monday night runs, I often make a stop by Trader Joe's bc I freaking love that place and the running store where the group meets just happens to be right next to it. Fabulous little coincidence.

PS-Last night's 5 miler was TOUGH. Legs/butt were still sore from hiking and the lungs weren't so pleased with my attempts to run. K and I made it (although I forced us to walk twice for a minute or so each) and I feel better for it. Now it's time to take it easy for the rest of the week, get in some miles, but nothing serious because HTC is almost here!


I shop where it's cheapest usually. But there is a local produce and fruit store a couple blocks from me so I go there a lot because it's cheap, local and convenient!
Anonymous said…
I'm still learning where my "favorites" are - but I did find two Whole Foods (in separate directions!) within about 2 miles of my house :) YAY! There's a Trader Joe's in Georgeown AND apparently really close to where I work now. so, I have some exploring to do!
I used to always shop at the cheapest place, but this summer I have been going to this more organic, higher end grocery store that is on my way home from my runs. I feel like the produce is of such a higher quality, it is worth the money! But for staple items, like Peanut Butter, I try to get them at the cheaper stores.

Your breakfast looks delicious!!
Sassy Molassy said…
Lisa, I agree, produce is SOOO much better at the high quality stores. Definitely worth a little extra $ to bypass the pesticides and gain a little more quality.

I also like supporting local growers/bakers/farmers.
Laura said…
I shop where it's cheapest, but every so often, I'll make a pilgrimage to Trader Joe's. There are some things there that I just can't get anywhere else, AND it's cheaper! There's one coming to my neighborhood within a year or so, and I can't wait - the hour trip just sucks.

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