Big City Bound

Friday night I hopped in the car after work and headed to the big city (Portland) for a multitasking 24 hrs. I was tired and contemplated turning around and heading home multiple times during my two hour commute.

But I forged on because my agenda included:

dinner with mom and brother's girlfriend, S
Hansel & Gretel opera with mom & S
waterfront walk and breakfast with friend T
shopping with mom for dresses for manfriend's brother's wedding in November
cousin's engagement party

And boy I'm glad I did! Mom called to tell me they had decided on Portland City Grill for dinner (one of my Ptown favs), which instantly improved my mood. I quickly made my way downtown, parked and took the elevator up to the 30th floor, which overlooks the city and the Willamette River. We ordered a round of almost everything on the happy hour menu, to include salad rolls, california sushi rolls, cesar salad, ahi tuna, chicken satay, crab/shrimp brushetta (YUM!) and the mango/cucumber stacked salad. I ordered a refreshing (and strong) mojito because you just can't go wrong with the flavors in my book. After sampling everything, we headed on to the opera, which was a small production with a girl we knew from home who played the part of Hansel. Voices were amazing and these college students made the whole story hilarious!

Afterward, we headed to my bro's apartment to crash for the night. After reading a bit of Time of My Life, I crashed hard. Next morning I woke at 7am to get ready for a nice little walk with T on the waterfront. This is a place I would be EVERY morning if I lived in the big city. It is always filled with walkers, runners and bikers enjoying the chance to exercise along the river. I was starving after our appetizer feast that lacked the usual carbs/protein I'm used to. I had a banana while putting on my Nike pants and top (cuz hey the clouds were looming and the sun I thought might be out was nowhere in sight).

On my walk down to the river, I made a pit stop at Voodoo Doughnuts because it's pretty much a requirement and it's right by the bro's apartment AND I was still starving. I picked out a blueberry donut and a glazed w/ choc and nuts on top. The blueberry was awesome as always, but the choc & nuts left more to be desired.

As I was making my way to find T, a bunch of marathon training groups came running along the sidewalk. I love knowing that they're getting ready for the upcoming October Portland Marathon and that these little groups are all separated bc they are different paces. Oh you little marathoners, you.

T and I (and her dog Charlie) met up on the path and walked one big loop, which took us about an hour. By then the sun was still hiding and our stomachs were ready for some real food. I suggested Mother's Bistro & Bar because well, the food is awesome, the interior is just so freaking cute and the employees seem to actually enjoy their jobs! We arrived just 20 min after opening and the restaurant was packed and we were put on a waiting list for 25 min. No prob, it's well worth the wait!

T chose the tofu scramble and coffee, while I had the eggs benedict (w/ tomato added) and jasmine green tea. YUM! Afterward I was sooo stuffed, but confident that meal would hold me over for several hours of shopping. T headed on her way and I met up with mom.

Tofu Scramble!

Eggs Benedict!

Call your mother!

Shopping/dress report to come...


Sounds like a super fun weekend! Glad you forged through the commute :-)
how far are you from Portland? I'd go every weekend for events like that!! The restaurant sounds amazing and shows are Always a good time :)

there better be dress pictures!!
Sassy Molassy said…
trials-Portland is 2 hrs away w/ no traffic. Not too bad!
reederscorner said…
That looks like one heck of a weekend! I love the mug!!! :P

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