Take it and run/walk Saturday?!

Seeing as how I kinda missed TIaRT lounge topic by a few days and I looooove shoes, I figure better late than never, eh? The only catch? I have to write about it in 113 words, the cost of my shoes.

I'm currently sporting a new pair of 8.5 wide New Balance 1063, voted "Best Update" by Runner's World in their March 2009 shoe guide. Why do they work for me? They're wides so my orthotics (made just for my foot and specific probs) fit in them, they're flashy, and they're super comfy. Plus, they're lighter than my last pair of NB 757 clunkers that made me feel like I was carrying weights on the bottom of my feet. Normally, these suckers would cost me $125, but being a part of our running group (sponsored by the local running store), I get 10% off all purchases. Yes!

I for one am an admitted shoe girl. When my bf first started coming over he's like "um, do you wear ALL of those shoes??" I stack most of my shoes (in their original boxes) next to my closet, and it's a pretty tall stack, not gonna lie. Truth is, I'm not afraid to spend a little extra on shoes that make my feet and body happy. So when I see the $125 ($112.50 for me) price tag on my running shoes, I'm not afraid. What's another $30-40 if they work well for your body?

So when I'm not running/walking/working out, I'm often sporting these puppies (or a version of them). I don't know how many of you out there have them, but I can walk for miles in my Danskos, no joke. They're that comfortable. I used to throw a lot of money out the window by buying $25-$60 shoes from Target, Mervyn's, Steve Maddens, etc that would not only kill my feet but start falling apart after a few months. Who cares that they were cute if my body was suffering as a result? The old woman inside me has decided that while I can't afford Cole Haan's, I can afford Danskos and other decent shoes that are going to last me more than a season.

So my advice to you is take a look at what you're wearing. Is it time for an upgrade? A resole? A polishing? A wider/half size bigger shoe? A pair with less than 500 miles on them? Your body's worth it. Go forth and conquer my little shoe mavens!

P.S. I suck at sticking to the rules. Word count = much higher than 113. But I know you'll thank me for all the super advice.

P.P.S. My knee is super unhappy with me right now. Walking is quite painful. So who knows when I'll be out for a run next? I ran about 10 min today with the dog and cringed with every step. The remaining 50 minutes of our walk was painful. Ice and advil quickly followed.

Oh, and the man friend's mom and sister arrive this afternoon from Michigan! Should be fun.


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