Crunch time, oh there you are!

We've been missing each other, you and I. It's been quite a while since you've forced me into this panic mode in which piles of paper begin covering every surface of my desk, deadlines force me to sit working through lunch and I feel the adrenaline pulsing through my body. Polite email responses turn to basic answers, lacking all "Hi David/Sally," "No problem." or Thanks, Sassy" niceties.

Crunch time, you remind me how well I work under pressure. How quickly I check things off a to do list that have been sitting there for a month or so simply because I have to. But come next Thursday afternoon, crunch time, we can't speak to each other. For I'll be skip-to-my-louing off to Europe and you'll be forced into hiding until June 1 when I return jet lagged to a hopefully clean desk and 1,000 or so emails.

But for now, we're besties. You're the reason I wake up unrested. You're the reason the man friend asks why I've been so quiet lately and mentions that I haven't talked much about work. You're the reason my fingernails are the tiniest of nubbins. You're all consuming.

I can't wait until all that's consuming me is croissants, lattes and a 40lb backpack.


Anonymous said…
Ha - wow I am riiight there with ya girl. I've been sitting in Panera, consuming coffee (ahem, caffeine!) for almost 3 hours now. Productivity levels are high! Sitting through lunch? :( eh, not fun! BUT traveling to Europe in less than a week? AWESOME! Glad you have something to look forward to :)
Amber said…
Hahaha I know what you mean. The time before a vacation is always the most stressful time!!

You will get through it though and soon you'll be living it up in Europe!

So exciting :-)
Danielle said…
Leave half your stuff at home--40 lbs is so much to pack through Europe! Your back will thank you later.

Leaving stress behind will be great! Enjoy yourself!
Sassy Molassy said…
Thanks for the advice Danielle. I figured since one friend say her pack weighed 35lbs and another said hers weighed 65 (good lord that's insane!), I figured 40 was reasonable. I guess we'll just see what happens when I start packing. :)

The key is simplicity. Less is more...

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