Burn baby, burn

Do you ever feel like you're so stressed you're burning calories just sitting? BURNING through them like mad?? I do. Every day this week.

Thankfully, the man friend's mom and sister are flying home today so that takes one more stressor off my plate. Don't get me wrong, it was great to meet them and get to show them around, but to play tour guide, good girlfriend, career person and athlete all at the same time, is no easy feat.

And to add to that, I'm behind at projects here at work and happen to be skipping off to Europe in a mere 4 WEEKS from today! Holy crapoly! Bottom line is, I feel my heart beating and I'm sitting at my desk.

Yesterday ended with a two hour meeting where a coworker talked over everyone else (including her supervisors) and proceeded to tell us what we were doing/thinking was wrong without listening to anyone's logic. Topic of conversation? Our strategy for our Facebook presence. Not so much something of life and death here people. And to top it off, in our industry we're ahead of the eight ball as far as Fbook goes. Just sayin'...I'm convinced this couldn't have happened in the private sector.

I have been proud of myself though. To reduce stress and the amount of time I need to devote toward exercise daily, I've ridden my bike to work all three days so far this week. I have a decent 22 min ride each way, as well as any errands I decide to do mid day by way of bike. In addition, I've decided (since I'll be out of the country for 21 days) that I'm not renewing my gym membership this term (I work out a University rec center). So instead, I've challenged myself to keep in good shape by running, biking, doing exercise tv workouts, yoga and more! I think it will force me to be a little more creative and stay outside for most of my exercise.

P.S. Last night's turkey & veggie lasagna and sweet potato cheesecake w/ maple whip cream were awesome! I've made both before, but things always turn out different and I tend to make changes and substitutions to my recipes pretty regularly. Do yourself (and family) a favor and make one of these recipes pronto!


Amber said…
I've had a hectic week too. Stress is not fun. I used to let busy weeks get in the way of exercise, but not this time. I've been getting in at least 45 minutes of some activity everyday. No matter how busy I am!
magda said…
You are such the renaissance girl! Girlfriend, hostess, runner, career woman, cook--AND you bike to work? No wonder you've been going 500,000 miles an hour! Good for you for keeping it all together. You definitely deserve to be proud of yourself : )
Anonymous said…
I would looove to ride my bike to work! First - I'd have to get a bike. Second - I'd have to live in a state that's not overcrowded with highways AND commuters. ugh.
I just think that sounds like the perfect little getaway before and after work. Love it :)

hope your knee feels better!! haha 'old lady yoga'. like you said - at least you're creative!
Anonymous said…
Yoga is great for decreasing stress! This video is my favorite, Yoga Fitness Fusion


Relax and Enjoy!

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