Who inspires you?

At some point I became my mom's inspiration and I don't know how. I mean after all those horrible years of being such a bitch, wow. This girl was a seriously angry teenager. But there she was every step of the way cheering me on and looking up to me at the same time.

I distinctly remember after running the Nashville 1/2 marathon a few years ago my mom and one of my best friends full of tears and excitement over seeing me finish my very first long race. I couldn't fathom why I had inspired such enthusiasm. All I did was follow a training plan and book a flight and hotel room. And that's where this crazy racing journey began.

Watching 2008 Olympic Track & Field Trials (ignore hideous sunglasses)

Why is it that people doing physically challenging things with their bodies are so impressive to us? How is it that those of us who do them become inspiration for others? It's that knowledge that that woman you saw run the marathon in Beijing can run those 26.2 miles faster than you can ever fathom your legs striding. It's the knowledge that you I could never survive a 1/2 pipe, or a skateboard ramp or the luge.

Well, last week mom, you became my fitness inspiration. She's since sent several e-mails and texts saying "hey, I just finished 45 min walk/jogging on the treadmill." Words I knew I'd hear someday, but wasn't sure when. And then this morning "do you think I can sign up for the Thanksgiving 5k and walk some of it?" I know she wants to run one someday and these words were all I needed to know that someday she will run the full 5k. Maybe not next week, but someday.

Not all of us can run a marathon, but some of us can complete a 5k. Ultimately, it's all about perspective. What one person can do isn't what we all should aspire to because that just isn't fair. Some of us have age, genetics, fear, or determination on our side...or fighting against us. Leave it to mom for a little inspiration and perspective on things.


Single said…
I was thinking about this sort of thing during the Olympics. I just really looked up to the Olympic athletes because they showed how much a person can do if they put their mind to it. It reminds us that we can do great things too. It's pretty sad that I can't think of an answer to your queston, "Who inspires you?" I need to think about it some more or meet some new people, maybe.
Heather said…
I think that's one of my Favorite things about running. Among all of us, there's no real competition. We inspire each other, and we prove to each other that if you push it a little bit harder, it's possible. It's not an "elite" sport only, anybody can get a real sense of gratification from finishing a race...in Any time.

on that note, just an FYI, these running blogs...like Yours...are definitely a source of inspiration for me too. Even as a runner.

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