All in all I'd say today was full of successes. So why not a list?

1. I woke up and still felt sick (day 7 now) and decided to run the race anyway. After all, I'd already paid.
2. C and I ran the 1/2 marathon talking and laughing most of the way and didn't start cussing until mile 10 or so.
3. The four cough drops I slipped into the ass pocket of my running pants were a good move.
4. I ran a 1:51 all while chattering away and still being sick.
5. My mom finished the 5k with her jog/walk routine.
6. I followed my race with an hour long massage just a few hours after I finished. VERY good call.
7. I stopped by Victoria Secret to retrieve my free pair of panties thanks to the cards they keep sending me in the mail. And, I used the rest of a gift card I had to get another bottle of my fav lotion, Love Spell. Who wouldn't love a lotion with a name like that? I thought Playful Professional would be proud of my purchases, coming out of the mall with two items and spending $0. If you want to know what I'm talking about, check out her last Tuesday Totals.
8. I bought a pair of Danskos that I've been eyeing for a while that were on sale! Nevermind that they're more of a spring/summer shoe.
9. I have a party with the runners tonight to celebrate our survival of the 1/2. Just another excuse for a party really...
10. Football game craziness ensued and I didn't have to worry about my team. Bye week! Next weekend...civil war.

Happy Weekend!


Laura said…
Congrats on the 1:51! Hope the celebration was fun :)
Danielle said…
Great job yesterday! You looked great in your new shoes--dancing queen!
Heather said…
Yayy Congrats!! Sounds like you had a good time, which is perfect for getting back into the racing stuff makes me want to go sign up for another one Soon! :)

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