Ready or not, here we come

The flight is booked and my friend A and I are now officially committed to our Europe Adventure in May! We fly from Seattle to Rome with a layover in Frankfurt. I realize it's a bit early, but now we can actually start planning and know that we are really doing this. I guess that means I should get a passport...

So far on the wish list are (with options to enjoy some festive events): Cinque Terre (Lemon Festival), Paris (Cannes Film Festival), Florence (annual cricket festival), Geneva-Switzerland, Greece (anywhere) and beyond that, who knows. We're two newbies at the whole international travel thing so it should be interesting. At least we'll have each other when things get crazy. I'd love to get your suggestions if you have traveled to a place we should not miss during our three week journey!

And if you have any special tips, I'd love to hear them. For example, my roommate said "Fly Lufthansa. It's the shit." Granted, he's a boy and he really liked the food and the fact that they provided unlimited alcohol. Of course it was a great flight... And a few friends tell us to definitely get the unlimited Eurail Pass. So, the question is, what special tip do you have for miss sassymolass?

Oh, and if you couldn't tell, I'm attempting to complete National Blog Posting Month with daily posts. We'll see how it goes. So far, so good, but it's only day 5.


Anonymous said…
How exciiiiting!!! I wish I had tips for you, because that would mean that I've been to Europe. Sadly, not yet. More specifically, Italy. I'd LOVE to see the architecture that Defined architecture. And I'd also love to finally be able to say I like wine, I'm pretty Italy has that effect on people :)
what I can tell you, is that getting a passport can take up to three months (ughhhh), so um, don't leave that til the last minute.
Anonymous said…
meant to say, pretty *sure*. oops.

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