1 Lie and 1 Truth

Lie: Working out at 7am, going to work, dinner with friends, lacrosse game in the cold and then staying out til 2AM and cabbing it home is a great idea, even if you haven't had much sleep this week and are on the verge of sickness.

Truth: When training for something, even just a measly little 1/2 marathon, it is important to get a good night's rest EVERY night, say no to that extra workout even though you want to burn the extra calories and say no to multiple adult beverages past 11PM. Your immune system is worn down, especially when you're doing 15 mile runs and are low on zzz's so any little bacteria or virus will attack your system until it is victorious. Go home and sleep. And remember, what is sufficient sleep for one person might not be the same for another. For me, eight hours is the perfect number, seven just doesn't cut it. Sometimes, I just remember the hard way.

Ok, so I didn't give you the opportunity to choose between which was the truth and which was the lie, but really I think you'd be smart enough to figure that out in an instant. Unfortunately, I wasn't, or I just chose to ignore the truth.

I'm now at work trying to ignore what feels like hot flashes running through my body and drinking an Americano in hopes that the caffeine will make everything better. After all, I stayed in bed most of yesterday and got 10 hrs of sleep last night. Bottom line, don't ignore the truth people. Cold/flu season has arrived.


heatherdc said…
I made the same mistake before my last race, not really 'tapering' or taking it easy over the pre-race week. I feel like we get so into that 'training mode', that it's actually Harder to take the days off and do the Easy runs. Gah, runners are weird. ;)

ha a "measly little half". I love your attitude. You'll do Great! And make me excited for the day that I see them as an "measly" 13 miles. Get BETTER!!!
I'm with you on this one. If I don't get eight hours of sleep, I just don't feel as good. When I'm working out hard (or training for a half), I really need my sleep and to eat well to keep my body happy. If not, those runs are sooo much harder!

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