Spectating can be nearly as exhausting as running, seriously.

Okay, maybe it's just been a little too long since I've felt the pain of the 26.2 mile race, but today was exhausting. The alarm sounded at 5:45 A.M. and I promptly dressed, ate, lathered on the SPF, packed my backpack and hauled it the four miles over to the marathon start on my bike.

Stef and I went from the start to the 3 mile to the 6 ish mile and race finish to watch our fellow runners kick some ass in the 1/2 marathon and full marathon. And let me tell you, it's rough being a spectator. My voice still hurts from screaming so much. I counted a dozen or more runners that we were keeping our eyes peeled for and chasing after on our bikes.

I realized that many times a half marathon/marathoner does not make a spectator. I had never actually watched a marathon or half that I was not participating and it was pretty freaking awesome. I'm so proud of all of you who put your body and guts on the line to train and finish 26.2 miles. It's no easy feat. And for some it's much harder than others.

Luckily, today was a marathon day of perfection. Everyone who wanted to qualify for Boston (who I knew) did, even if it was with just 33 mere seconds to spare. That would seriously be me ducking in just at the last moment. I run a lot, but speed is not my forte. Qualifying for Boston is a goal, but it will be no easy task. I was hoping my upcoming race would be a qualifier, but folks the foot doesn't seem to be saying it's in the cards.

In other fabulous news, it was sunny and in the 70s today so I'm crossing my fingers this means sun from here on out. Last time I said that I think we got snow a week later. But this time, spring, just give it up...it's time to let the sun shine cuz this pale girl is loaded up on SPF 55.


Rachel said…
That's so great that you were be able to be a spectator and friends were able to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I hate to hear about your foot...Is it feeling any better?
Anonymous said…
haha this made me laugh b/c when we ran the half-er in March my two roomies had to park like 2 miles away, walk to the race, walk to find us on the course, and then go back to get the car. :) I think they were as worn out as we were, minus the "runners high". I bet your buddies were glad you cheered them on!
magda said…
You're right, spectating is hard! I'm glad it's not just me who thinks so!

I'd never watched a marathon until my boyfriend ran in the marine corps last fall. I had my map and my camera, and seriously, I was sprinting place to place. I tried to feel sorry for him feeling sore afterwards but I was really in a "hey, me too!" mindset. It was a total blast, but I think I'll borrow your bike idea for next time :)
Megan said…
The life and duties of a spectator are often underestimated - but as a co-spectator myself, I can sympathize. Your fellow runners appreciate you!!!!

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