Summer summer summer time!

I know, it's not here and it won't be for a few months, but seriously, how did this happen? My schedule is already full. Nearly every weekend is jam freakin' packed with work functions, races, Olympic Trials, concerts, weddings, a trip to Tahoe with the lacrosse alumni girls and I don't even know what else.

When people ask what I'm doing this summer I'd rather just forgo the laundry list and say "I'm not really sure, I'm just busy." Is anyone else feeling like summer's not even here and you're pretty sure you might blink and miss it?

Crap! I have all these fabulous sandals, skirts and tank tops I want to wear. Not to mention stacks of books I fully intend on reading...some day. And friends that need catching up with. It simply cannot go by this quickly. These are the times when I just miss the old days when summer meant no commitments, lazy days, late nights, driving to the lake and sun bathing, reading, short skirts and FREEDOM! Ah, to be a kid again.

If I were a kiddie on summer break, I'd want to be...

1. wearing this

2. eating this

3. or this

4. OR this

5. drinking this

6. watching this

7. doing this

8. and laughing with my friends around this!

But alas, I'm not. What would you want to be doing if adult life (and prior commitments) weren't calling your name this summer?


Ahhh! I agree wholeheartedly with your perfect summer day analysis. I'm not as booked as you (just the trip to Vermont and a 4th of July trip to LA to see the fam for now) though, so I'm hoping to get a lot of hiking and biking done this year. Utah is beautiful in the summer! Now if it would just stop raining...
Cara said…
Hi, I am new to your blog.

I would love to eat the watermelon, even in winter. lol.


Rachel said…
Even though you are an can still do all those things, but it definitely doesn't look like your schedule will allow much wiggle room. Good Luck!
Wow you've got a busy schedule. I don't have anything planned after a cruise in May.
Anonymous said…
WOW that looks (sounds?) like the PERFECT summer. You can't go wrong with one single thing on that list. Not one. Just add some s'mores to that fire.... :)

which races are you running this summer??

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