I want to be here...

Cinque Terre, Italy
Unfortunately, after you graduate college, the idea of backpacking around Europe and anywhere you damn well please for a month or so is a distant memory.

But I'm still scheming, seeing as how I never did the whole study abroad thing and am still aching to see the world. Typical quarter life crisis I'm sure. ;) Being the ambitious woman I am, I thought getting into a career would satisfy my hunger. But instead, it's left me salivating for everything I don't have.

How far would you go to find a challenge, serenity and a new perspective on life?

Image: epac08


Rachel said…
That is beautiful! I would so go too, but when will I get out of work for a few days?! Never!
heatherdc said…
omg I want to be there too. That looks so much better than land-locked and cloudy PA! agh

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