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Wrapping up the first trimester

Good morning and happy Monday! I'm getting ready to do a little at home strength training and then walk with a friend (and Henry). As I type this, I can see a few white flakes falling from the sky. We are finally experiencing a little bit of winter here in Oregon! I'm crossing my fingers for a little bit more snow later this week. Currently, I am 23 weeks along, but recapping the end of my first trimester.

December 2017

Oh how time flies the second time around the pregnancy block! I had intentions of writing here around 11 weeks and then 12 weeks and now here we are at 13 weeks.

Because it's on my mind, let's talk about how pregnancy is different the second time around when you already have a little one.

Each week, I think about taking a bump photo, but then I realize a) Pete's not home to take one for me b) I look like a hot mess unshowered and in workout clothes c) I need to tend to a toddler's needs rather than spending 5 minutes trying to take a good bump ph…

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