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Dear Baby: 37 Weeks

Dear Baby,

Thirty-seven weeks now. Most days I waver between thinking you might come tomorrow (because you could) and then reminding myself you'll likely not come for another 2 or 3 weeks.

It's this weird place in parenthood feeling like you're standing at the edge of a waterfall just waiting to tip over. On the one hand, the baby clothes have been washed and folded, our infant carseat installed, my hospital bag is 90% packed, and the rocker, bouncy seat and swing covers have been washed.

But on the other hand, I did not purge half my closet like I dreamed of doing months ago, have not really scrubbed the fridge in far too long, need to wash the car, have not prepped and frozen meals and snacks ahead of time, have not scrubbed the baseboards and every square inch of this house... and on and on. Oh and I still have a few work projects I'd like to tidy up this week just in case you decide to make your debut early.

I also find myself wondering just how tired will we feel …

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