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Pregnancy: 18 Weeks

I will catch up. I will catch up. I will catch up. Easier said than done when life gets busy and pregnancy makes you especially tired. I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant. How did that happen? Anyway, read on for my recap of pregnancy around 18 weeks!

Eighteen weeks. Two weeks from twenty. It feels so official and well, halfway there. In the last few weeks, my baby bump has gone from this awkward shape to what is clearly a pregnant belly.

19 Week Bump
It's somewhat scary and somewhat a relief that I don't necessarily have to declare "BTW, I'm pregnant" to acquaintances. The belly is out there.

We're coming along, baby. Slowly, slowly, I'm gaining appreciation for this pregnancy and the life that will enter our world in less than six months.

I've also found myself more aware and appreciative of this pregnancy for the fact that it's likely the last time I'll be pregnant. While it definitely hasn't been rainbows and roses (it seems this is com…

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