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Pregnancy: 14 to 16 Weeks

I'm currently sitting at 25 weeks pregnant. Read on for my 14-16 week recap. I've drafted several posts journal style throughout this pregnancy, but am still working on getting you caught up. Maybe I'll do so before the baby's born, eh?

Weeks 14-16 // December 2017 

I remember this feeling well. That point in pregnancy at which you feel like your body is being taken over by pregnancy, by this new little life form. Only this time, I think it's happening much earlier.

My boobs didn't stretch, swell and hurt at five weeks like they did with my first pregnancy. This time, that happened around 10 weeks. And around that time, my jeans started becoming uncomfortable, my waistline was quickly thickening and my body quickly became a landscape I no longer recognized, yet again.

And it's all fine and good. I know it's for an important cause, but it doesn't mean I'm instantly accepting of this new landscape.

I'm also at that funny place where I've to…

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