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Greyson's Birth Story

[Tap, tap, tap.] Is anybody there? I've had this post drafted for months (literally) and finally decided to add the photos and hit publish. Sorry to keep anyone hanging who has been waiting for the update. :)

Hello from the other side of pregnancy - the fourth trimester! In those last two weeks of pregnancy it really felt like I might be pregnant forever. The little guy was so happy inside, my fluid levels were great, he was doing well at the no stress test and I wasn't having many contractions.

Here's the story of Greyson's birth both for me and those who are interested. Birth stories are fascinating to me in that they are all so unique. So here goes...

Greyson was due June 12 and when he hadn't come at 41 weeks (June 19), I headed to the midwifery center for a no stress test and placenta fluid check. Everything looked good there, so I opted to have my membranes "swept and stretched" which can help induce labor if the body is ready.

That evening, I felt s…

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