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Exploring the North Umpqua Trail

Or, alternatively titled "The First Time We Both Left Henry Overnight Since He Was Born."

Prepare for a photo deluge because this trip was all about the scenery (for me) and miles (for Pete). This summer, the manfriend/husband/Pete has been training for the McKenzie River 50K, so many of his weekend mornings consist of running 15-20+ miles. When we started talking about what we wanted to do this summer (I love writing a good summer bucket list), the North Umpqua Trail was high up there for me. So, we put it on the calendar and asked my mom to watch Henry so we could head about 1.5 hrs south for a weekend of camping and running.

Just a couple 'a parents who are heading out of town without the kiddo overnight for the first time since he was born (2+ years ago)!!

Before heading south, I consulted a runner friend Raina who lives much closer to the North Umpqua Trail (NUT) for advice on good sections to run and camping. She recommended Susan Creek Campground, which has heated…

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